i think E. Dondero is a pain in the a*** and he really p***** me of if you really arnt got any good advice whats the point in answering cause it arnt funny anymore....died out a long time ago!!!! and really you say ppl confessions are sad and boring and they should get a life....but hang on a min your the one on here ALL the time answering them and reading them! so i think you need to get out more.....seems like you dont have a life to report on like everyone else!
rant finished!!!

o and not everyone is fat.......persides whats that gotta do with anythi fat jokes died out yrs ago as well!!!

Jul 8, 2010

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  • e dondero is funny and i find him very entertaining :)

  • Persides?!
    it's besides you f****** dumbass!
    learn proper english please!!!!

  • I love E. Dondero.
    He wants to put pudding on me =]

  • I must disagree E. Dondero is a pretty cool dude. Most of the stuff he says makes sense to me. It's not his fault people are fat and ugly like you.


  • grammer whos cares!!! its a confession site not a job application! g's get a

    and where i come form ARNT is a word!!!

    and no im not fat but i do feel for people that are and find it difficult to lose weight and i dont think your helping the situation, people come on here to actuly get advice not to be insulted
    find something better to do!

  • Eat more pineapples E. Dondero.

  • Sounds like I touched a nerve with a fatty.

    Glad you set down the twinkie long enough to type that out.

    E. Dondero

  • ARNT??? PERSIDES??? What the f*** are those supposed to be, some sort of magical words of which no one else has ever heard? If "arnt" is supposed to be "aren't," you still ARNT using it properly. Not even close. And it's "you're the one," not "your the one." Christ, the state of the education system is even more destitute than I thought, or we're letting in WAY too many foreigners...

  • I got a confession. I dumped him. Which is why he hates fat girls now. Actually he doesn't hate fat girls (he's obsessed with BBWhale porns), he's just pretending because... well he's got a frustrating s** life.

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