So I live with my nephew , his wife and their baby. I'm 54 years old and cindy is 23. I don't think I'd ever do anything with her but she is very sexy.....so if I see her drive up , I will go into the front bathroom, which is the one they use, close the door but not lock it and take all my clothes off like I'm getting ready to take a shower. Something about knowing , that for a split second , she's thinking about my d***.

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  • You sound like someone I know who also loves to get naked and run around the house in the nude. I wonder if I know you? Oh well I like to get naked also. I like going out in my yard naked. Where I live no one can see me. Except my neighbor did one time. He liked it and came over to talk to me. I didn't mind at all. He couldn't keep his eyes off of me. I noticed he started coming around about the same time to see if I was naked in the yard. I was on at least three more occasions. I'm a widow so I know he is thinking maybe he might get wit me.

  • I am a widower. Yeah I love exhibitionism. 80% of the time I act like it was an accident. When I stay in a hotel, I start j********** when the maid is 2 rooms away then spray that s*** everywhere when walks in

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