My wife left me

I thought things were ok between my wife and I. Then I came home and caught her in bed having s**. With a tranny even. I had seen this freak around before. He was hanging around out front of our apartment building. Well guess why? He was probably there waiting for me to leave work. I had training the day I caught them together. Training was finished early so we all got to leave early. I almost went to the bar for a few beers. But I figured I would go home to be with the wife. When I came in she was on the bed leaning over him sucking on him. It was a nasty looking willy. She looked up at me and asked what the h*** I was doing home early. I just turned around and went to the bar for a few beers. I didn't want to stick around after seeing that. When I came back home around 1:00 am she told me that she was leaving me and going to stay with a girlfriend. I told her I wouldn't stand in her way. I don't need that sleazy ass b**** anyhow. Women! You the old saying about living with them. Well you can live without them. All my bills are going down now. I have more money and I can stay out late with the fellows. Much better off. So what she left me for some dude who dresses as a woman. No skin off my nose. I learned that line from my dad. See ya!

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  • You are a nasty looking willy boy f***** d*** sucking tranny b**** whoever you are. Don't you love it?

  • NO NO NO!!!!!! You used the WRONG PRONOUN!!! BIGOT!!!!!!!!

    Who cares about the rest of it, you're obviously a train wreck not worth knowing.

  • Hello dd91lt5zr1 at how the f*** are you doing?

  • You did sign the prenuptial agreement, did you? It's important to protect your assets and disclose ownership of each and any asset worth more than 2000 €. That way, you'll protect your wealth and can be sure that she didn't marry you because of your money, sorry, I mean because of "love".
    If you signed it, you have nothing to worry. :)

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