She doesn't know you love me

Your wife doesn't know that you love me, or that I love you. But she's going to find out soon. Whether from you or from me, it doesn't matter, although I think you would tell her more nicely than I would. Still, one way or another, she's going to find out. Soon. And then? Your marriage will be over. And you will belong to me. Completely.

Jul 9, 2019

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  • She knows. I've been in her position, so trust me, she definitely knows. She knows what's going on and she knows that her husband is vanishing and soon gone. Don't flatter yourself by thinking that you have been so stealthy as to have gone undetected. You aren't that smart, and you aren't that special. Your relationship with this man is already below average, and certainly nothing unique. It's how most relationships are formed anymore: on a lie.

  • Think ^this^ is likely true. I'm sorry you had hear it so coldly, but I think it's still accurate.

  • If he hasn’t made the decision to be with you already chances he’s just taking what your giving. I told my wife as much as cheating goes on these days if she ever wanted to she has the green light. Just remember, once you do it’s over and I’m moving on. No questions no exceptions.
    If any married person is going to cheat on his/her spouse they will definitely cheat on you.

  • I think you have rationalized your own desire for this man as love between you. You aren't the first to do that, and you won't be the last, but you have to reevaluate what's happening here before you allow this relationship to destroy a marriage and a family. I don't think you would want what's about to happen to his wife and children to damage you and the children you plan to have with him.

    One other thought. Actually, a question. Has he cheated on you with anybody (other than his wife) since the two of you have been together? Keep in mind that when he f**** her, he's really cheating on you, but that's not what I'm asking. Has he been to bed with any other women beside you and his wife? Has he come on to any of your friends? Made out with any of them? Does he flirt with any of your friends? Behave inappropriately with any of them?

  • B**** you're just a fuckhole for him

  • No, it's been love from the beginning. You don't know us.

  • B****. If he love you eventually he will divorce with his wife and together with you. If he dont, means you are just a sextoy for him. If you cant afford to be played, then you face to face talk to him but not to ruin his family. Hope your dirty p**** got infected

  • From OP -- The damage to his family is not my concern here: my concern is getting what belongs to me. God put this love between us and it's not my fault that he married somebody else first, by mistake. I am just correcting that mistake. And by the way, my p**** is perfectly clean, and I'm the best sextoy that any man who has had me will ever have. Yes, I said it: I am the best. Ever.

  • You sound like you two are very much in love would like to hear more from you

  • Yes, we are! We are incredibly in love! He's a little reluctant to leave home but we both know he will, because what he gets here is so much better than what he gets there and it makes him so much happier. It will hurt for him to leave his kids, naturally, but that can be managed, especially when he is making such an upgrade in the s** department. And I can give him better kids anyway. And I just generally know better than she does about how to take care of him. He told me that on our first date! Thanks so much for writing and for being so supportive. It means a lot.

  • Np. Maybe his wife honestly has no clue. That's how mine did. Never complained about anything. All of a sudden, claims he didn't get s** at home when at least one a day and even when my autoimmune flared up, he still got it. Not sure what you're so evil about.

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