Saw my sister

Last night i saw that my sister was laying on the couch in a dress, but i could see up her dress and her panties. i couldnt help myself but beat one out but some of it landed on her. i think she knows what happened but i dont know if i should confront her about it. im 17 and shes 14. help me.

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  • I found out years later when I was 14 my brother and his friends watched me taking showers through the bathroom blinds!, perverts.

  • I have peeped while my sister was bathing. During evenings she used to take bath. So I sneaks out of the house and climbs up to the small ventilation window of the bathroom from outside and have a good look of all her assets. She has small b**** but pointed and round with pink nipples. Her p**** was hairy and dark. From her removing dress to soaping massaging each part of her body playfull with her t*** and some time strongly washing her p**** and drying off was my jerking views. I used to j*** watching her bath and coming back to bed too I jerks off and sleeps to dream having good s** with my sister.

  • I would lay down on my upstairs bedroom floor and peep through my bedroom heat vent🤓watching my beautiful older sister Betty Ann 👩taking her bath🤪 she had a gorgeous huge big fat butt on her and a breathtaking long deep ass crack in between her fat ass cheeks😝 the full clear views I had of Betty Ann were absolutely spectacular too watch her😌

  • Sniff your dirty panty “BETTY” “ANN”🤪

  • You are a very very lucky little boy Too have a sister with a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Big fat ass on her 🤓 I just happen to be addicted too pretty women that have big fat butts 😜 just like your big sister “BETTY” “ANN” has on her😜

  • I love fat butts also “BETTY” “ANN”😜

  • If you fancy your sister why don't you try to get close to her and begin a sexual relationship?

  • You need to tell her as great things could happen to both of you.

  • Tell her thats is what is she meant for...fuckk her outrageously and indifferently

  • Learn proper English. You would not be confronting her, as you are the offender.

  • I did that to my sister also. She got really mad at me, but that night came to my room.

    She want to watch me j*** off again. She took off her top so I could see her t***. She started masterbating as I did it.

    In time we started playing with each other. A year later we lost our virginity with each other. I was 17 she was 15.

    We are in our 50's now and still have s** several times a week . Our spouses do not know about it.

    Sis also thinks all three of her kids are mine.

    I love my sister so much, we both wish we could get marry and live together full time.

  • It should be legalized

  • Agreed , my step sis was 8 and her p**** was awesome

  • This could be the start of something really good. Find any opportunity you can to show her your d***. Walk out of the bathroom after a shower naked...leave your room door open when you b*** off. See if she is interested. It would be so wonderful if you could f*** her. You really should be her first. You don't want some dumb boy who doesn't really care for her to stick his d*** into her do you? should be you to f*** her and put your d*** in her m**** and c***. I say...go for it!

  • I wouldn't say anything. If she was grossed out she would of reacted.

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