Need help to be come the woman trapped in side my body

As long as I can remember I felt wrong in my self but at 4 years old my mum dressed me as a fairy for a fancy dress contest I feel so good then since then I dress in woman Clothes in secret now think it’s time find someone who is looking to help me be fully a woman
I will do anything for the person that will to make fully a woman what every it is in any country in the world

Jul 4, 2020

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  • Would you be willing to be used as a s** slave to get everything paid for to transform you into a woman completely ??I was so happy when I read the email stating that everything would be covered in full . I knew the money wasnt going to be a gift,,it was a loan and I was going to have to work for them and make that money back and then some . I was an investment and was expected to make their money back plus and I signed where they told me to and was sent to see doctors then surgeons and before I knew it I was a woman .As soon as I was all healed up and able to they put me to work . I was moved around often and turned tricks seven nights a week as well as during the day time .I wasnt ever given time to enjoy the gift that they had given me . When I had paid them back they set me up in texas with an apartment and I was free to live my life and do what ever I wanted to.

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