Wearing womens clothes

I would love a woman to dress me in her clothes,,I had it done once before,she put a bra and knickers on me and a dress,,really enjoyed it,,would love to do it again,

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  • I'm a 61yo man that struts around in my 83yo mother in-laws panties, I've filled the crotch with c u m a dozen times and throw them on and walk around the house. One night last summer I ran around the neighbors house in them all the while with a raging h a r d o n, the neighbors have a gorgeous 11yo that I need to lick.


  • If you are a woman,why do you like mens clothes,,and what do you wear,,I like wearing skirts,

  • No,not really..women always look better,,better clothes,,more choice for everything..mens clothes are so drab,,

  • What a waste.female underwear,is much better than male,,you are so lucky to be a woman,,being a man isnt that great,

  • Don't you like being a man?

  • I love being a woman. I just like wearing men's clothes and underwear sometimes lol

  • So what!! I wear men's underwear and clothes. I EVEN wear a monster strap on d**** sometimes, to feel like a real man lol!!

  • You are so lucky,,I love wearing skirts,,I also wear ladies jeans,all the time,so softer than male ones..male clothes are so boring,no colour,,glad you have somebody to help you,,

  • I have been wearing sexy panties, bras and nighties for years my wife likes seeing me in lingerie, about 12 months ago I started with suspenders, stockings and heels so 8 months ago my wife commenced makeup and a blond wig, I look pretty, over the last 2 months we have gone shopping and purchased some skirts and blouses, we both agree I could certainly pass so next weekend we are going to try a shopping trip with me dressed and done up and get another skirt obviously trying it on in the shop and using female toilets, I am excited hope you meet such a girl, I am not a sissy just love feminine wear

  • Do whatever you like. If it makes you happy and doesn't hurt anyone, then it's fine.

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