I want to be pregnant so bad.

I want to get pregnant so badly. I'm 25 and live with my boyfriend and our dog. We've been having some really tough months financially and mentally. We both suffer from depression and PTSD and for 3 weeks I was hospitalized due to me being suicidal. I had to quit many jobs because of the severe PTSD symptoms and we're on the verge of eviction. I got an interview today that went well and have another one in a few days. After my boyfriend got paid today, things are starting to look better financially. I know now is not the right time, but I want a baby so bad. I want a bigger family, I wanna be a mom. I want my boyfriend to show what a great father he can be, because he shows it with our dog. I want a baby because it would be something I would have to fight for in life. I'm starting to give up, and a baby would give me so much more to fight for.


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  • Why are so many unsuitable people just DESPERATE to crap out a baby? You can't take care of yourself, let alone a needy shrieking potato that will "trigger" your mental conditions-- plural-- in all the ways. There are too many kids with useless parents already, and the rest of us have to deal with both them and you. If you need a fresh level of pointless drama in your trainwreck of a life so badly, there are ways to do it that don't involve reproducing.

  • You can't afford the dog please don't breed if you think you have no money now

  • Search this site by "most comments" and read the thread titled "I hate being a parent." That should cure you.

  • Having kids will not make things better. Get your s*** in order first. You don’t have to be perfect but you need to be stable and definitely not suicidal. Don’t do that to your kids. They are beings unto themselves, and not a therapy tool.

  • ^thank you!

  • Break up with your boyfriend and I can get you pregnant. No Problem

  • ...said the delusional 11 year old boy

  • You are nuts. You cant even look after yourself.

  • Does this add up in the least? Financial and serious mental challenges. BF is good with the dog so that is a qualifier to try it out on a human being even though he has mental issues as well.
    Who's going to pay for this baby and I'm not just speaking of the delivery. Your BF gets a pay check and things look better for what another week or two? Govt perhaps? You do know the Govt is not your baby daddy don't you.
    If you don't have the skill set to maintain yourself you have no business dragging a baby into the mess.

  • Get a ovulation kit and around your ovulation dates eg day 12 take a aspirin one aday while you are ovulating.

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