Cross dressed

I had a friend at school, he was a weekly boarder, home at weekends, I head a full time boarder. This boy dominated me, he had a painful way of getting me to do what he wanted. When I was 12 he decided he wanted to see me dressed as a girl. I was invited home for the weekend and on Sunday after lunch when his parents were out, he and his 2 sisters took me up to the girls room and stripped me naked. The tried on various skirts and dresses etc until they were satisfied. Then make up, eye liner lipstick etc and some bling jewelry. Then my friend who was for his age very good with a camera took some photos. I looked in the mirror and what I saw was a pretty girl. It was exciting at the time and felt sexy too but I had no particular interest in doing it again though when I was 14 iPlayer the part of a girl In a school play. I was a pretty boy so it was easy to make up as a girl.

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  • Lol

  • I am into young boys and love them to wear knickers for me when I f*** them

  • I'm a boy j wear girls panties ill. Model panties for you

  • You can see my panties

  • I want to show you my panties I'll wear a cute school skirt white panties

  • I'ma boy you can see my panties ilove white ones pink ones

  • Since I was a cute littler kid I was literally into my sister's panties/knickers. My tight boys @ss was and is quite the sport for a few older boys and one boy's uncle.

  • Im a boy i wear panties you can see mine

  • I had a friend at boarding school too. He came to my place once for the weekend. His parents then invited me to stay at their place for a week during the holidays. We had to travel by bus overnight about 10 hours. Each time the bus stopped my friend would not get off the bus. Eventually I was busting for a pee so I got off to use the rest room. When I got back on I asked how he could go so long without doing a pee. He was super quiet and asked me to promise not to tell anyone what he was about to tell me. He told me that he was not allowed to get off the bus and was wearing a nappy and plastic pants. He had to pee himself.

    Sure enough when we got to his house we were sharing a room and he showed me. I was super interested. Turned on in a prepubescent way. Like I was 12 and did not get erections yet but I was totally excited by the situation.

    His parents were super strict and whenever we went out as a family like to a restaurant he would have to wear the plastic pants. I was so envious. He did not have to wear them when it was just me and him hanging out or roaming the streets.

  • Really?
    I think the naked bit is a bit of a tall one

  • Whatever you say

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