Fun weekend

My wife's younger sister had an interesting weekend, We had all gone to the lake together and her BF had ended up getting heat stroke and dehydration, He spent two days in the hospital hooked up to IV for hydration and in that time my wife's sister showed pretty much every private part of her body.
Day one we rented a pontoon boat from the marina and aside from the fact that my wife's sister has big b****** I had never really noticed how nice of a body she actually has at 34, She wore a bikini on the boat and not a very large one, We had parked at the beach and me and her BF were drinking on the boat while the girls played on the beach with our kids (They don't have any yet), She was wearing a "Cheeky bikini" and with all the bending and crawling around in the sand it ended up pretty much a thong. He was drinking a bit too much and had been filling me in on their s** life which is apparently pretty decent, We were watching the two girls and the wife's sister was on her knees with pretty much all of her small ass showing and he nudged me then pointed toward her, I looked over and then said "Wow, Nice", He was already pretty drunk and said "Does ***** ever let you up in that?", Meaning my wife, I laughed and said "Yeah...I wish" and he said "We did it for the first time two weeks ago", Well now that got me interested and I said "Really?", He just chuckled and said "Yup, Too much beer and a little coaxing and next thing I knew she said I could try it", I said "AND????", He said "Well, lets just say...She has a new thing", He explained that she worked her c*** with a vibe and he tossed her salad then she got off on her hands and knees while he pumped a load in her bum.
That night around midnight I heard him puking and heard my wife's sister say that she was going to get me to take him to the hospital, Knowing that I have a larger p**** than him, Well...Not a lot longer but considerably thicker I decided to flash her, I had it hanging out of my shorts and wanted it to stay like half soft but it wouldn't so I peeked out of one eye as she crept up to the door and opened it, The hallway light was on and she had a full view as my wife laid there snoring, She opened the door and looked in, Her eyes got big and she went to walk away but then came back, She whispered my name and I pretended not to hear her, She stepped closer and looked down at my c***, She bit her lip and looked at my wife then back at my c*** and whispered my name again, I took a deep breath and tensed up my body sticking it straight out at her then whispered her name "In my sleep", She took a deep breath and I could see her eyes get big and her pokies sticking through her top, She stood there looking down at it for a couple seconds until she heard him puke again and then she said my name one more time, Just then my wife said "What's wrong".
I had a total, Oh s*** moment but I knew I was busted and there was nothing to do but pretend to be asleep, My wife's sister told her she needed me to drive him to the hospital because she was still drunk and my wife rolled over to face me and I heard her say "Oh jezzus" and covered me up before waking me, I pretended to be all groggy and confused but when she said I had to take her sisters BF to the hospital, My wife reached under the sheets grabbed my c*** pulling it back into my shorts and I said "Hey, What...Stop that" and fixed it myself, I jumped up with my hard c*** sticking out in my shorts and was standing right in front of her, She turned and left the room as I quickly got dressed, After we took him the half hour to town and they said he had to stay me and my wife's sister had an awkward drive home to our rented cabin. So that was all day one.
Day two my wife's sister went to town and check in on him, They said he would be ok but had to stay and she came back, We spent the day hiking and walking around the beach etc. We stopped for a picnic and I was happy to unload some of the crap out of my backpack that I had been lugging around, My wife's sister was wearing shorts and a bikini top and I was pretty sure I had caught a peek or two of possibly some p**** lips up the leg of her shorts but then when she was messing around and got stuck in the baby swing at the park my son came and got me, I went with him and my wife stayed at the beach with our youngest, I ran to the park and she was standing there with her legs stuck in the leg holes of the swing looking totally embarrassed.
I laughed and said "Problems?", She said "Uh, Nope, Just hanging out", I said "Ok" and went to walk away when she said "Ok, Ok", I'm frickin stuck", She tried to pull herself up and couldn't so I knelt down and said "Step on my knee", She lifted one leg and put it on my knee and I could see right up the leg of her shorts and had a bids eye view of her p****.
My wife has a nice p**** but her sister...Well...Bald which is always a crowd favorite, Full innie p**** with no inner lips hanging out, Pink and smooth, When she went to push up her lips spread and I could see it all, She got part way out and slipped, She was in pain and I told her we had to do it differently so I had her lean forward and put her hands out, I went behind her and with her shorts caught on the swing they were pulled to the side showing it all from behind, I don't know how, If she does laser or waxing or whatever but she is completely bald, P****, Bum hole and all, Pink little wrinkly bum hole that is perfect also and I know for a fact she has had a d*** in it.
We finally got her out and she was very appreciative, We went back to the beach and that night her BF called saying he was being released, I went and picked him up and we had a few drinks that night but not too many, The next day the girls went to town and we were sitting on the deck, He looked at me over his sunglasses and said "So...Do you remember *** waking you up?", I told him I didn't and he said "Well...she was impressed with what she saw", I asked what she saw and he told me, He was laughing and said it had happened to him before so I asked what she had said, He told me she told him the whole story and said I had a "Thick d***" and a "Huge k***".
Me and him had a good laugh over it and after the girls got back we rented a sea doo for the afternoon, That night we had a few drinks, Ok, More than a few and I was in bed just drifting off when he texted me a picture of my wife's sister sleeping with no top on and her big b**** out, He said "It's only fair" and I sent back "Lol, Holy crap", My wife was asleep and I rolled over, Snuggled up behind her and she was quite receptive, I pulled her nightgown up and nailed her from behind looking at her sisters b**** behind her back.
The next day was calm, Just hanging out and that afternoon they left, My wife and I stayed one more night and then left also, All in all I would say it was a good holiday.


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  • Great story. I had s** on a pontoon boat at Codorus in PA. I just wish people would have stopped ogling us. Not cool!

  • Nice experience and good story

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