My favorite BIL

My husband watched his older brother and I have s**, His brother has been divorced for a couple years and actually had a three or four week hook up with a friend of mine, She had told me he was hung and it was no surprise since my husband is also but I brought it up one night and ever since then my husband had hinted at me banging his brother.
As luck would have it we attended a family wedding and the three of us were back in our room after the reception, My husband just straight out asked his brother if he would f*** me, His brother said "F*** yeah, Of course, You're hot" but I don't think he knew what my husband had in mind, My husband looked at me and I stood up, Dropped my dress to the floor and his brother just gulped, I knelt in front of him and he looked at my husband, My husband nodded and his brother looked at me, I undid his pants and he lifted his hips as I pulled them to his ankles, I grabbed his shaft and yeah, He is big, Not much bigger than my husband but I think definitely a little bigger.
I started sucking him and he grabbed my head with both hands, A minute or so later he stood me up and stripped off the little bit of clothes I had on and pounded me on the couch in our hotel room. He pounded me in every position imaginable and when I was on my hands and knees my husband stood up, Shoved his in my mouth and came, His brother did me for quite a while and right after my second o***** he whispered in my ear "Where do you want it", I nibbled his ear lobe and said "You pick", He pulled out and shoved it in my mouth and when he was done he put it back in me, He went for a few more minutes and then came a second time inside me.
I have been apprehensive to bring it up since my husband hasn't talked about it but I want to do it again so bad.

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  • I love f****** my wife while she has someone in her mouth or visa/versa. It is one the sexiest things to see my wife pleasured. Talk with him about it because I’m sure he enjoys it almost as much as you.

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