Is it weird that I enjoy showing off my asian wife nudes?

Is it weird that I enjoy it? Like really turn on by knowing other guys listing over my wife. I only shares a few pics and videos of us f****** to close friends, and I get so turned on by it. I always know they have been fantasize about f****** her.

I’d love to talk some more about it

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  • Can you share it with me?

  • I’d love to see them if you’re open to it. I can provide commentary as well.

  • The question is, does she enjoy it?

  • I met a guy on craigslist and he used to like to call me and ask me to talk about his wife. He would tell me to f*** her and wanted to know what I was going to do with her. I would say I would bend her over and f-//// her butt. I would tell him to lick her butt while I f----- her butt. He would get so turned on. We would do this often.

  • She sometimes takes an ambien with her wine. Like sleep walking. VERY open to suggestions and NO inhibitions...or memory. I haven't shared her yet, but have posted 4 close up videos of playing with her while passed out. Turn your sound up and you can hear how wet she is! She has no idea I have these of her, much less have posted her and share thoughts with others...I get off knowing guys are getting off to her...especially when they tell me or send me a video of them shooting a load to one of her videos... sample of that below. Might let a guy taste her and c** on her like that sometime.

    email us at Here is a little Foreplay to get started with and i have more.

  • Think about all the young boys who might be watching her.

  • I’d love to see her! Please send pics and videos and I will write detailed commentary for you!

  • I would love to see your pics and videos and tell you what i think of them. Please email me so we can talk about it.

  • I'd love to enjoy pics of her too =D

  • Wonderful, I like to discuss more about it. Shall we ??

  • I would think it was weird if you didn't. I lost my virginity to a very sexy young Asian girl in high school. She had the hots for me and I figured why the h*** not. My parents weren't crazy about her being Asian but my dad did understand. He told me to enjoy just don't get her knocked up. I was lucky as we didn't use any protection when doing it. I look back now and I smile thinking about how good she felt to me. I still like and think Asian women ( well some ) are pretty hot. But he ll no I don't think your weird. Show away, show away. I love sharing pics of my wife. We want to hear other men say how attractive they find our wives. I have shared pics of my wife with a few of the guys at work. They all said she was gorgeous and how did I get such a hot one. Only thing is now they all stare at her when she comes to visit me at work. But I can see them undressing her with their eyes the horn y suc kers.

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