When I was 12 I let my dog lick me to **. I had just changed out of my school clothes and was going to take a bath because It was hot and I was all sweaty and Duke our Rottweiler had followed me into my bedroom wanting to play but I was tired and I pushed him away several times as I undressed when he smelled me and started to lick me but I was laughing now pushing him away but when I sat on the bed to take my socks off he went for my ** licking my thighs and it felt really good so I let him lick my ** through my pantys but he lost intrest so I pulled my pantys off and sat down again and he licked me for awhile but when it started to feel really good and I felt like I was going to faint he quit again and I tried unsuccessfully a couple times to get him interested again he would stop after just a few quick licks and I did not want him to stop now and I kept a small gar of peanut butter in my dresser drawer and some crackers for snacks at night so I wiped a ** full of it on my ** and right away he was interested again and he licked me until I felt for sure I was going to faint but the most beautiful thing that I had ever experienced happened it felt like I was being turned inside out as my ** washed over me leaving me panting and I fell back onto the bed with Duke still licking me as I tried to push him away but with his nose he just pushed my hands apart until I felt the thing again building in me and I laid there unable to fight him until he licked me clean after my second **.
I had masturbated before and had ** but nothing like that .
I had to be careful but I let him do that whenever we were alone in the house.

Next Confession

Wonderful Wife

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  • Nice

  • Dribble little squirts of pee on his tongue. Drives him crazy and you won’t be disappointed ;)

  • Girls and dogs are amazing If any girls really does anything with their dog and being completely honest and not one of these ppl lying plzz add me on snapchat . Say dog when u add me. girls only plz of any age. I'm a young guy DNT be shy. Andyc2104

  • I wanna here more about this

  • Well this went on for several weeks and whenever I had the chance even if I had to pretend to take him for a walk it was just about a mile from our house that there was s thicket of brush and a little opening that the homeless used to use and I would take him there and I would sit on the stump and spread my legs for him and by now he knew what he was supposed to do and he would lick me to ** then keep licking me until I came a second time it was great
    but then he was trying to mount me whenever we were playing and once when we were alone in the house I was curious what it would be like so when I sat on the edge of the bed naked and I opened my legs for him I let him lick me for awhile then I coaxed him up so he could lick my face and when he did this I took his ** in my hand and pushed his skin back to see how big he was and my god he was very big after he started to hunch my hand and he was hopping all over panting and whining. I had never been with a boy yet so I wasn't prepared when I first got him into me and it hurt like crazy but he fell out after just a few strokes and I managed to get him back into me but he couldn't keep himself in me so I got on the floor on my hands and knees and he first tried to mount my head but I pushed him away and he walked around me several times trying to mount me then he started licking me again and I had given up when he finally mounted me from behind but his ** kept slipping up my ** crack so I reached back between my legs and he was hunching like mad when I placed his ** in my opening then he started hopping all over scratching my legs and his paws scratched my hips to but he was hanging on so tight I couldn't get away but he only lasted a few minutes until he started ** and he had this huge knot formed and was trying to force it into me but he was just to big.
    I let him finish then he licked me to **
    I later learned about his knot and learned that if I helped him get it in me before it got to big .

  • This is very common and nothing wrong with it. Using things like peanut butter is good because it will keep him interested and allow you to reach **. Dogs are great for oral ** and in the olden days before vibrators this was a common method for women to get off to, hense the term "lap dog". Glad you are enjoying your dog.

  • Lol, nothing wrong with **

  • ...b e a s t i a l i t y

  • Peanut butters ok but just dribble pee a little at a time and watch him go crazy licking

  • It really is good thank you.

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