Wonderful Wife

My wife and I have been married for going on 30 years. She is the love of my life and I hers. Almost from the start I wanted to explore seeing my beautiful sexy wife with another guy. I would get so excited just thinking about it. I never really wanted to be with two women. I always found the idea of sharing my wife as more exciting. I wanted to test myself and see if I could handle it. At first she didn't want to but she understood what I was feeling. She even helped by doing role playing and pretending that she was sleeping around. She saw how excited it made me. Then one day she decided that she would make me a cuckold. She did this by having an affair with an old boyfriend. I was getting sloppy seconds and didn't even know it. Then one day she and I was about to have s** when I wanted to go down on her and I discovered that someone else had been there before me.

I was so turned on. She then told me what I didn't know. That for the past 6 months I had been sharing her with another man. I made love to her all night long. It was some of the best s** ever. My c*** exploring territory that another man had already been in. I wanted to know everything about it. She told me all the dirty little secrets. Like how big he was and if she had performed oral s** on him. A blow by of what they did and how it happened. Since then I have had the pleasure to watch my sexy gorgeous wife having intercourse with other men. I really get off on it. Sometimes I hold her hand as I see her eyes roll up in her head getting a nice c***.

I asked her if she enjoyed making love to him. She said stupid question. Yes I enjoyed it. I made the mistake of asking her who was better. She just said different not better. But I could read between the lines. I asked her what felt better. My c*** or his 8+ inch c***. She would just say, well bigger c**** feel better and you know that don't you. Yes I did know that. I love seeing her being pleased. I have enjoyed a few women myself. My wife says I should enjoy myself and she is glad that I have been willing to let her enjoy herself also. Nothing makes me hornier than seeing her getting a nice c***. Hearing her making wonderful noises and climaxing. It's been so much fun. I'm glad we went down the road less taken. For us it's been the right one.


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  • So what happens when you get to the end of the line ? Will you be kicked to the curb? What will you do when she wants to spent the weekend with lover boy ? She may want to go on vacation for a week or two with him without you, have you thought this through ?

  • Hey I loved banging your wife. It was lots of fun. Especially when I put my huge slong deep into her vaginal cavity and she moaned loudly. Not sure what I enjoyed more. That or when she sucked on my slong. I gave her lots of my yummy love juice to digest. Yeah it' been a wonderful life. Thank you so much for allowing her to enjoy my c***.

  • Sharing my wife was the most wonderful thing ever. We spend the next 20 years together, with me watching, or joining in, sharing her with my brothers, co-workers, (mine and hers) friends, and her family also. What a life!

  • You are all sick freaks

  • Sounds like you and your wife really enjoyed yourselves. I'm still sharing her with another man. She loves it. I love watching her being pleasured by men. It's so beautiful to see and experience.

  • My girlfriend's ex had a large d***, (we talked about ex's and she admitted it) I was p*** and and jealous at first but she's convinced me to accept it. She said she liked it at the time but that it's in the past and she's happy with my size now.

  • Yes you men make way too much about size. My husband is the same way. I had to stroke his ego to reassure him that my previous lovers larger c*** isn't the most important thing to me. He wanted me to tell him all about the men I've been with. He got something he wasn't expecting when he found out that he's the smallest lover I've had. Now he want's me to tell him about the others and describe in detail what we did and how big they were. I told him sure if that's what you want then ok. Sorry honey your little 4.75 inch d*** is the smallest of all my past loves. The next smallest was an Italian guy at 5.75 but he was super thick. Then was my first love who was 7.25 and a nice bend. I have a couple that don't count as sucking c*** doesn't count as s** to me.

  • Both of my wives loved a thicker c*** rather than a long one. such is life.

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