Revealing my wife to strangers

I like to make fake profiles online and share pics of my wife and read what they would do to her. I have gotten several tributes and want to do it more but she found out and asked me not to.



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  • I too love to hear dirty comments from those masturbating guys on my wife photos. Shares such photos and received comments were also shown to my wife who too gets more h****.

  • Send me those pics. Would love to see her naked body.

  • Asked me not to.

  • I like to hug and kiss my wife and reach behind and rub her bum and lift her skirt and display her undies. She finds it embarrassing and sometimes asks me please don't but I still do as I enjoy her discomfort and she knows not to resist.

  • Sounds like fun but kinda rapey

  • That’s f*cked up dude

  • Yeah a bit.

  • She asked you not to? Was that an ask with her foot up your bum?

  • What does that even mean? No she’s a pretty understanding gal.

  • Mail those pics here

  • I think the same way

  • Bastar d

  • A little yeah.

  • B******

  • Yeah I guess.

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