Flashing girl at Target

I was at target a couple days ago and was looking to flash some young girls preferably little girls or older women. My chance came when I saw a girl about age 3 or 4 sitting in the shopping cart while her dad was looking at vacuums. I stood near her while she sat in the cart, took my d*** out and jerked it right in front of her. She watched me for about 10 seconds and stared at my d*** but didn’t say a word. Then I walked away.. when I came back to do it again she turned around and pretended I was not there.



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  • The beach was busy on the weekend and lots of hairless toddler p**** on display

  • Maybe you'll get lucky and get busted. Then you can go to prison and be some black dudes little b****. Now that would be funny.

  • Maybe worth it for 3 yr old p**** and her warm soft mouth

  • It would be worth it

  • Should have grabbed her, taken her to the toilet and had her suck it

  • Should have taken her to the toilet and drove his c*** into her c***

  • Yeah, i would have. Try it next time

  • Let me know when I want her tyt p**** too

  • You sick mother f*****. I hope you get caught

  • Very hot!!!!!

  • Toddlers are so sexy

  • So hot!! Mail me at hornywoburn80 g mail. Lets talk about that lil cutie

  • Not on Hotmail but love very young p****

  • I love sucking on young p******, 5-10 yo till they squirt some p***!! It is difficult to start with though but once you get one she become hooked with it....

  • Nicer 5 mths

  • So true, even younger is nice I have licked a few baby p****'s and c** in their mouths baby is hot

  • Love watching my c** run from their mouth and drip of the chin they suck so damn good, I like feeling her p**** while she sucks

  • Once they getfucked they always want c***

  • Quite true but first you have to get her used to fingering, first with one finger than two using lube to stretch her c***....

  • How old have ypu tried?

  • 12 mths a***

  • I am doing with my granddaughter she is 2

  • Mmmmmmmmm love to do her too 2 is a lovely age the c*** is so sweet

  • Try one 3 mths it tastes amazing

  • Lucky guy

  • I love having her watch me j*** off

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