Adult diapers

A couple of years ago I started having problems getting started in the bathroom; when I was finished, I zip my pants, exit the bathroom, and pee my pants.
To make a long story short, my family doctor suggested with my Wife that our life would be easier if I just wear adult diapers until we find the problem; my Wife says he wets the bed every night too!
So in the mail comes a large box of plastic backed diapers. Just before bed and some intamacy, she creams my private parts and placed the diaper under me, pulls it up through my legs and tapes the diaper snugg.
I have now been in diapers 24/7 for the last three years with no change in sight.
However, I do believe my Wife likes me being in diapers and that my clothes are not wet or smell like urine.

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  • Sigh creams your pants ? Really. Why the fantasy.

  • Hopefully one day you will really need to wear diapers. Then your sick A$$ will know the shame and the hassle wearing diapers because you have to. Stop writing these sick peeing stories.

  • Sick in the head!

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