would you ?

You tell me everything
..but would you if I didnt ask?
We talk on the phone
... but would we if I didnt call?
You say you love me
...but would you if I didnt say it first?
Your in my life
...but would you be if I didnt try so hard?

I fight for you and search for you and it takes twice the effort to love you. It really shouldnt be this hard. So as much as it will hurt me Im thinking about letting you go...
...but would you even care?

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  • Gay. You know how you feel about short guys with no talent, no car, and no job? That's how men feel about fat girls.

  • your not an a******... You simply like the challenge of arguments; so actually that probably means your fairly intelligent! Thanks for the website link by the way
    - sincerely fat b****

  • well if u must know its actually not a romantic thing but its about my alcoholic father ! And if you really knew me you would know im not a b****. I do on the other hand have a hard time biting my tongue when i read disrespectful comments like yours. So sorry if i came off as a sarcastic b****. But im just a girl tryng to confess something without judgment from people who dont know me.

  • E. Dondero you are so wise! Thank you so much for your insight! Hmmm... Im not so sure about your sentence structure theory but yes actually its totally true in regards to me. Im 600 lbs of nasty fat and it really hurts me inside. Your the first person to really notice that through my words. In another life I bet we were best friends!
    On a side note: How about you find something better to do with your miserable existence !

  • Thank you for your comment. But you say I have nothing to lose. In my mind I have everything to lose if I put these emotions out there. Normally I come off as an independent person... not as an insecure person needing love and attention. Thats why I posted my thoughts here instead of saying them to the person ... I dont like people seeing that emotional side of me

  • I suggest you say/write this exact statement to this person. Like commenter above me said, very well expressed. I've felt the same before, never could put it into words like that though. But unless you say it to them, they may never know you're feeling this way. People are oblivious... and you've got nothing to lose.

  • congrats.. very well expressed.. don't post ..just go & say

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