Black women

I love f****** black women and spraying my white c** all over their bodies. Must be something with the contrast of skin tones. Just watching my white d*** go in and out of their p**** is real nice too.

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  • Once you go black, we don't want you back.

    Once you go brown, you better never try to come back to town.

  • Stop it with the goddam racism!

  • Miscegenation is for the racially blaspheous. Malcolm X would be disgusted by all of you.

  • This was written by a black dude wishing white dudes wanted black women. Or maybe some weak, mentally ill white trash dude.
    The best of the best is an ethnically European man and apes don't compare to ethnically European women. Sorry.
    Only morons want to bang an ape.

  • Your racism shows what an a****** you are.

  • I've been with some black women , they are just like any other women. Its the excitement in f****** black, the so called taboo. I like to think they enjoy the excitement as well, especially if they are married or getting married . Its hot as h*** knowing hubby doesn't have a clue or her intended is just a phone call away and she wants to call him while you are f****** the s*** out of her. Let me tell you , black women are smart, good looking and at least 2 steps ahead of their men.

  • The only time black women are smart is when they're half white. Apes are not good looking unless you're f****** retarded.

  • These racist comments are disgusting.

  • My wife and I did a swap with a nice black couple. The woman is truly a hottie. I love seeing my fat white d*** going inside of her. She is really gorgeous and gave me a great BJ. Her breast are so lovely I sucked them as she rode my stiff rod. I love to see the contrast between our skin tones. I also loved seeing my sexy little wife getting a nice long black c***. We both enjoyed the swap. I highly recommend giving it a try.

  • There is nothing grosser and more mentally ill than miscegenation.
    Well, faggotry, but that's no saying much HAHAH

  • Your racism is horrid.

  • I been f****** black b****** for years. For some reason it really p***** of black guys when white guys f*** black women. I been f****** them ever since I found that out.

  • Love a nice black ass too. They have such nice a**** nice and round. They suck good c*** too. When I was 58 I was f****** this 24 yo stripper it was great. Sometimes she would bring another stripper with her it was great. But yes love the contrast.

  • Miscegenation is disgusting and that'd make you a mentally ill, white trash race traitor. Traitors get the rope first.

  • Racism is disgusting. :(

  • I know exactly what you mean my friend. I love the skin contrast thing also. I love seeing how my black c*** looks going in and out of white women. Although it's a bit harder to see my jis against their skin unless they have a pretty good tan. But regardless I love the two skin tones melting together. I also love to see them as they put my black p**** in their soft white mouths with that faint pink lip outline. Come to think about it both holes have the pink outline. Hey it's true what they say. It's all pink on the inside right on.

  • If an ape manages to get a white trash girl willingly to have s**, then by all means bury her 6 ft under after!

  • Your racism is disgusting.

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