Eleven months ago I was at a business convention in another state where I met a much younger pre-op trans girl and fell in love with her. We have grown our relationship to the point where we are discussing marriage. But there is this problem and we disagree. She wants to go ahead with the operation but I do NOT want her to do that: I want her just as she is now. I'm sure other couples have dealt with this issue and I'm just wondering how they resolved it. We're not in a rush because I still have to divorce my wife which will take six months once it begins. The girl and I see each other about every other week whether she comes here or I go there. I love her and I think she loves me too. At least she says so.

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  • TS b****** are hotter than anything you've ever had or known.

  • Yes indeed. We are love being there 💋❤️

  • You can't even write in English properly... but that's understandable, considering how scrambled your precious little brains are

  • Get away from that. It will ruin you. I dated one of those for awhile several years ago. It blew up my marriage and my family, and it took my money (to use on drugs). Those things are toxic and they are poison, and if you don't stop f****** it, it will give you untreatable STIs and make your life a f****** h***. Get away from it. It will use it's d*** to addict you and then you won't be able to leave it. And you'll spend the rest of your life taking care of it and paying its bills and begging for it to stick that thing in your mouth and your ass and your life. Begging. It seems like fun now but it will ruin you.

  • Your lucky dont let her getaway

  • Let's see if I got this. Your seeing a he/she and now a diff in opinion if it should go to she/he. However this is your BF/GF but you have this minor obstacle called your wife. Have you considered mental evaluation and then therapy cause dude this is F'd up.

  • I see she males on p*** and they look hot. I could see why you don't want him to change. U have the best of both worlds. I like a--- better than p---- and I would like to try one in my by---

  • No. Its not. You never been with a ts and do not know go good it feels to have her c*** in your ass hitting your p spot and c** in your mouth.

  • Yes, you get it exactly!! It's wonderful!! She is such a blessing to me and my life!!!!! Thanks for your support!!!!!!!!

  • Lets call it what it is. Your doing a dude with make up on. No matter what lady parts you install on a dude he's still a dude.

  • No, no, no. That's the point. She is totally both right now. She has wonderful implants (and we're going to get her some much bigger ones) AND she has some spectacular male equipment. But if she has the operation, she won't have the equipment any more, so she won't really be both, at least not in the way she is now. I want her to keep what she has, and improve the b******. And as for the commenter who said this is messed up, you should see this girl -- dressed and naked -- and you should make love with her: I promise you that you would NEVER think anything negative about her or about my love for her. She is incredible in every way, and you would never be able to get enough of what she has to offer. She knows how to treat a man and how to satisfy him completely.

  • Sounds awsome

  • Yes, "awesome" is exactly the right word.

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