She'll regret that.

My wife and I have been together 4 years and married for 2, We live with 2 of my friends, They have the basement and we have the upstairs. We all went out last night and my wife had been drinking a bit more than normal, I looked over and she was asleep at the table with her head resting on her hand, I woke her up and she was completely incoherent, I took her home and put her to bed but had stripped her down and was playing with her a bit when I heard the other two come home, I could hear a girl giggling and they went downstairs.
I was pretty sure I knew who it was, There was a pretty, Young blonde all over my friend Mac at the bar and I assumed he had brought her home, Not even 5 minutes later Mac texts me and says "Is Kelsey asleep?", I told him she was and he texted "You gotta see this", I went down stairs and the same girl from the bar was sitting in the arm chair, One leg over each arm and showing her underwear. She has her shirt pulled up and is showing Mac and Dean her pierced nipples, She didn't even flinch when I walked down the stairs but just looked up and said "Heeeyyyyy, I was wondering where you went", I told her my wife had passed out and she made a pouty face and said "That's too bad", My buddy Mac said "Why, You like her?" and she said "Yeah, She was cool".
Now...My wife has, On occasion brought one of her friends home with us and she stayed the night, Mac and Dean think I am lying because she will only do it when no one else is home and any sort of pictures or video is strictly off limits, It has only happened 3 times but she is totally cool with it and afterward as long as I don't bring it up everything is cool. So, I got an idea, I looked at this girl and she was actually pretty hot, Blonde hair, Who knows what color eyes, Decent legs and an ok ass but...She is flat chested, Like flat, Flat, Just a small rise on her chest and little pencil eraser nipples...Oh well.
I ask her if she is "Into" my wife and she laughs telling us that's not what she means and then we all start on her, She tells us she has never been with a girl but has thought of it and says "Yeah...of course, Who hasn't".
We keep bugging her and after a bit she is sitting on Mac's lap and he has her top off pinching her tiny little nipples and says "If you do his wife, I'll do you after", She gets this kind of panicked but interested look on her face and looks at me, I nod my head and she says "But isn't she passed out?", Mac says "You lick her for...10 seconds and I will pound you so f****** hard" and she takes a deep choppy breath and then swallows hard, She looks at me and I nod my head. She kisses Mac and jumps up, Grabs my hand and leads me around the corner, She is whispering and you can tell she is thinking but she is asking what my wife is gonna think and asking about Mac.
Finally I lead her upstairs, Into our bedroom and my wife is still laying just how I left her, Face down, One knee up and her whole ass and p**** on display, My wife looks amazing in this position and has no objections to being woken up with a hard d*** in her, I look at this blonde girl and she is staring right at my wife still topless and she grabs her chest squeezing her non existent b**** and biting her top lip, I grab her hand and pull her to the foot of the bed, Take her hand and put it on my wife's ass and she takes a deep breath then starts to massage it. I am right beside her and Mac and Dean are in the doorway, Neither of them had ever seen my wife naked, Maybe topless a couple times but never below the waist.
I look back and they are both wide eyed and standing shoulder to shoulder staring, I push the girl forward a bit and take her hand sliding it between my wife's thighs, She takes a deep breath and looks up at the ceiling as she lets out a little whimper sigh and then I step behind her, reach around and grab her nipples rolling them in my fingers, She shivers and tilts her head back moaning a bit, I lead her around to the side of the bed, Get her laying the opposite way to my wife laying behind her so her face is right in my wife's ass, I go around the other side, Kneel on the bed, Reach over and spread my wife's ass, The blonde shuffles down a bit and leans in, Leans back, Looks at me and I put my hand on the back of her head pushing her toward my wife's p****.
My wife is laying there sleeping and this girl sticks out her tongue and I am right up close watching as she starts flicking my wife's p**** lips with her tongue and then gets a little more bold and more and soon she is ears deep in my wife from behind licking my wife's p****, It only took a minute or so for my wife to start moving but she starts rocking her hips and then she adjusts her arms and then pushed her bum out and moaned. My wife reached back and grabbed this girl by the hair pressing her face into my wife's p**** and then she opened her eyes, She looks at me and her eyes are all glazed and rolling back in her head and she moans "Oh f*** that's good", My wife lifts her leg and puts it over this girls head onto the other side almost kicking Mac and Dean as she did, she reached down between her legs and grabbed this girls head and she is holding her head into her p**** as she moans.
Right about that time my wife looked down and noticed the girl eating her p**** was not her friend, Her friend is a brunette and my wife looks down, Her eyes get wide then she squints and she looks at me, I just smile and nod and my wife lays back, My wife lays flat on her back and spread her legs, The blonde get on her hands and knees and my wife grabs her hair and shoves her face into her p****, My wife is totally confused at this point as to how this ended up happening but is way beyond stopping to figure it out and she lifts her hips, Moans "Oooohhhh f*** you're amazing" and then sits up, Pulls the girls head back and sees who it is, She looks at me and I just smile.
My wife laid back and moaned "Oooohhh what the f***, What the f***" and then sits up again and looks at the blonde, The blonde played right into it and said "Remember asking me if I wanted you to be my first?" and my wife just lays back down. My wife hadn't even noticed Mac or Dean by this time but Mac was on his hands and knees licking the blonde girls p**** while I rubbed her butt hole and I got on my knees beside my wife, Rubbed my c*** on her face and she started sucking me, I motioned for Dean to do the same and when he rubbed it on her face she turned, Grabbed it and started sucking him.
That was the first time I have ever seen my wife with another guy but it was pretty cool, She sucked Dean for a few seconds then pulled back, Looked up and moaned "Ohhh, S***...Uhhh" and Dean just shoved his d*** back in her mouth, I'm not going to detail everything that happened but we all took turns f****** my wife and each took turns f****** the blonde, My wife let the blonde sit on her face when Dean was f****** my wife and Mac stood in front of the blonde getting head while I watched my wife, There were a lot of different positions and I think Dean f***** my wife more than I did but my wife sure didn't seem to mind, I have no idea how many times we each came or where or with who but I guarantee they each had their fill.
After we were all done I booted Dean and Mac out and they were like "What the f***", I told them if my wife didn't wake up in bed with me and the blonde it wouldn't go well which is total bullshit but they fell for it and went downstairs, My wife and the blonde laid there kissing and touching a bit and i laid behind the blonde as we sandwiched her, I f***** her one more time but couldn't come so I gave up and we all went to sleep. the next day my wife put the upstairs on lockdown after booting the blonde downstairs and I managed to convince her that it was her idea, She was a bit upset that both Dean and Mac got to f*** her but she will get over it I am sure and she made sure to get the blondes number before booting her down to the lions den with Mac and Dean who told me later they tag teamed her all hung over and s*** and then told her to go. Haha, Well, I hope my wife calls her but for now she is just embarrassed and avoiding Mac and Dean.

Jul 27, 2019

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  • I've had a few married friends that let me s**** the wives for them but only one guy that would let us gang bang her.

  • We had 3 some guy f****** wife from the rear while she sucked me off great was that Then we traded off guy f***** me with me cleaning wife’s puss then we traded again my wife had her d****(12”) on and proceeded to f*** him. As I sucked him off. Boy was it great night

  • My wife got drunk one night and let her friends brother slide his finger in her p**** while she was sucking me and jerking his c***. Just one time and then she pushed him away and chickened out but we almost tagged her.

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