I sort of inventing this – thing, when I was at university, and its become a kind of a big part of my life. It’s called confessional. The first time I did it, me and two girls who lived in my halls were back in my room after a night out. We lay in the dark telling each other about our biggest fantasies and asked each other questions about what turns us on. I’ve done it hundreds of times since. Sometimes just with one other person, sometimes in groups. It’s nearly always been after drinking or dropping a pill. Sometimes it’s ended in everyone bringing themselves to o*****. Sometimes it turned into s**. But it always gets you hornier than you’ve ever been before. And it’s kind of therapeutic. We don’t often let ourselves be that honest each with ourselves or the people we love.

I’ve done it a lot with my wife. But recently, I’m ashamed to say, it did it with someone else behind my wife’s back. I cheated. It was on a three day work trip with my colleague Hannah. We booked an Airbnb that was touted as a two-bed. When we arrived we realised it was a one bedroom with a couch in the living room. Hannah and I are friends so she suggested we share the one bed.

The first night was fine. I slept with my head at the bottom of the bed so that it was less weird. I woke up early and went for a run and by the time i got back Hannah was up and showered. We went to a client’s office to pitch for a big piece of work. It was a big success so we celebrated by heading straight out for drinks and some dinner. We drank a coupe of bottles of wine and then headed back to the Airbnb. We got into bed, talking and laughing about silly stuff. Hannah and I went to uni together and she’s heard about the confessional so she was asking me about it. Before I knew it we were heading in that direction. She asked me if I w*** off privately. The atmosphere grew tense. Our breathing became shallow. My heart raced. This is all very familiar and part and parcel of the confessional. We lay in the dark, staring at the ceiling. Listening intently. I told her I do. She asked follow up questions. I obviously had an erection. I quietly took my d*** out of my boxer shorts and held it while we spoke. I turned the questions over to her and asked her the same thing. I know now which questions to ask to get a good response. I asked her...what she thinks about, where she does it and she knows which fingers she uses. She actually reached over and touched my arm with the fingers she uses. She almost found my c*** which drove me wild. Then she cooled things down for a moment and admitted that she wasn’t sure where this was going but would feel guilty if she cheated on her husband. I told her I felt the same. I said that, if continued and she got herself off that she may not feel the guilt in the same way. She sat up in the bed and pulled her shirt over her head. She then lay back down and pulled her knickers down. I could hear the sound of her fingers lightly exploring her p****. I asked her to tell me her fantasy. And she did. For the next 7-8 minutes she told me all about her dark twisted fantasy about getting picked up by a bunch of men and molested. She fingered herself vigorously to o***** and I wanked off listening to her. We both came more or less at the same time and fell sleep immediately after.

In the morning we didn’t talk about it. Same thing happened...I got up and went out for a run and Hannah was up and ready when I got back. We had another day of pitching and meetings. I felt ashamed all day. Like she angry at me.

That night was the final night. We slept top to toe that night. I said goodnight and lay there unable to sleep. Out of the blue she then said...last night was incredible. She wanted to do it again. I asked her a bunch of questions about what the men would do to her and why. You could cut the tension in the room with a knife. Hannah was fingering herself again. She then turned the questions around at me. She asked if she could touch my c***. I said yes. And wrapped her warm hands around it. I could have exploded. She jumped on top of me. She couldn’t get my d*** inside of her fast enough. I asked her if she thought that was a good idea. She told me to shut up and f*** her.

So I did. We f***** a lot that night. I emptied my seamen into her every time. I woke up feeling so guilty.

Jul 28, 2019

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