Need help from a girl

Hi i am a 13 year old girl i need help form a girl i start my period for my 1 time on do i tell my mom

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  • I guess im late for this, but tell your mom. its normal

  • One may have irregular periods at your age. Yes, talk to your mom for advice, you may have to see a doctor. Don't worry, it not serious!

  • Just walk around naked like you should be. it'll be pretty visible and obvious.

  • No you don't tell your mom. Cause she is probably like the mom in Carrie and you will only get beaten and abused locked in a closet for becoming a sinful lustful creature. Then you will get made fun of in school and invited to the prom by the most popular boy and get goats blood dropped all over you and you will use your powers to kill everyone in the school auditorium and your house will collapse into h*** and a sign posted on the site her lies Carrie burning in h*** forever. You don't want that to happen so suck it up girlfriend like the rest of us. What makes you think your so special that this only what happened to you. So I advise you to march your little bleeding ass dripping bearded clam down to the drugstore and pick up some panty shields and some tampons. It's not all that difficult to figure out what to do with each. You can go on youtube and find out plenty of videos about it. Hope this was helpful.

  • Hi umm ok so ur NOT a 13 y/o girl bc there's lots of real life help and info out there, try again stupid troll

    God, it's painful to write as if one has sustained a bad head injury. How do you do it? Are you one of those weird lumpy-skulled people who can only grunt and scream?

  • Hey ass wipe it might actually be a 13 year old in trouble and not a stupid ass troll. Just saying like for realz ok JZees. Feel me? STFU bitoch or I will punch your fuckkin lighz out and then I will drop my STuffos and s*** in your mouth and p*** on yer head.

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