Adult bookstore booth

My first time I went to a adult bookstore that had movie booths I was clueless of what went on in there,the guy at the counter told me if I wanted to preview movies before i buy them i could go up stairs to the movie booths to preview them so I did and the booths were all open with no doors it was like a maze in there and I saw many men with there c**** out jerking off and getting sucked off and one was even f******.i became very nervous and very turned on at the same time ,I got so hot when I saw all those c**** out .but ended up leaving without doing any thing then I went home and regretted not having done anything and I was so hot thinking about it my C*** was leaking c** I had to go back but this time I would be the next weekend I went back and a guy sucked my c*** off it felt great I came in seconds, then I went on to another movie booth and a man had his big c*** hanging out and I got so hot I invited him to my booth and sucked is b**** and we jerked each other off i wish I had swallowed his c** and let him f*** me from behind with his big c*** but I chickend out .The place is now closed and I regret not having someone enter and f*** me but I was nervous of getting aids .now I can only fantasize I wish I could have had 5 men one in my ass and in my mouth while I got sucked off and jerked other men at the same time.if anyone knows of any places in Ct let me in on it. I did go back several times but wish I did more.

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