How could this happen

I finally got a chance to return to my hometown after over 10 yrs. I wanted to surprise a college roommate that moved there. I arrived at Tims place rang the buzzer and a lady answers and tells me Tims not there she asks who it is i tell her Randy , she then says oh come on up, in the back of my mind imq thinking this voice i know but from where as i approach the door i hear it open and then i see her its Amy i grew up with her untill they moved away when we were 12 . Well we talked until late into the night.Amy asks where im staying i tell her i forgot to getaplace . Sheq says I can stay there it will be like old times when we were kids . I wink and say well thats great we both crawl into bed she then rolls over gives me a kiss and says like old times sis. I laugh and say yes sis then say when you use to dress me up as your sister i enjoyed it ,im the first guy that got into your panties she says yes and tomorrow you become my sister again she then hands me her panties and says here put them on i do and soon we were both asleep .In the morning Amy is making breakfast says sis you look good after we eat its time to get ready for our day. We eat and soon i find myself getting makeup put on and all . Amy then hands me a matching bra and panty set a tight shirt and short skirt . Then she says heres some nylons before long im her sister she grabs me a purse and says lets go .Off we go to the mall once there Amy takes me to the lingerie store we chose a few outfits theq sales lady isvvery helpful Amy says to her that im her sister from out of town. Amy then says Randy this is Bonnie.Bonnie says hi and grabs my hand takes me to the panty section picks out a pair and tells me these are like the ones shes wearing now .I see Amy smiling she then tells me Bonnie knows im male. Well seems Amy and Bonnie are good friends and Bonnie always wanted to meet a guy that wears panties.Well it was time to leave and do other things Amy told Bonnie to meet us later for supper .At supper Amy and i are enjoying a cocktail when Tim walks in he gives Amy a kiss sees me and kisses me Bonnie arrives moments later walks up to me gives me a romantic kiss and tellsvTim to jeep his hands off me and to stop stareing at me .We order and eat our meal and Tim hasnt taken hisveyes off me .I can tell Amy is getting mad at Tim. I Speak up and say i need to use the bathroom so Amy Bonnie and I all get up and go once in the bathroom Amy starts crying and says Tim hasnt as much as asked if shes over thee flu all hes doing is fawning over me .I hug her give her a kiss and she asks if webcan sneek out of here and go to Bonnies .So off the 3 sisters go. Once we get there Bonnie starts kissing me and i feel a hand under my skirt andvworking its way into my panties i lookvat Bonnie and smile Amy now joins invwith feeling me we go to the bedroom Amy looks at me and asks can i pop your cherry i smile and say it could only be you.Bonnie hasworked her way behind me and tells Amy you got the front Cherry i got the rear with that said theq nightq of fun began.Amy never went back to Tims again instead she sent her sister. I got Amys things and upon leaving i say hey Tim remember a party you went to with Randy .Tim looks puzzled and asks how i know Randy i whisper in his ear i know him like a brother from another mother and that cheating on Amy is the best thing he did and Randy thanks him i then give him s wet willy and say college roommates dont forget i then say the words that he will know who i am they were C U bro

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  • You have lived out one of my hotest fantasies; finding a lady who really wanted to meet a guy who loves wearing silky ladies panties & lingerie. Then having Amy dress you as her sister...what fun. I only wear ladies lingerie under my clothes, but having a loving lady show me how to dress like a woman would be of interest to me. Reading your post got my panties all wet with pre c**.

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