I had gone over to a friends house to help him and his gf move into their new place. While unloading the truck i picked up a drawer and init was his gfs panties and bras no one was around so i put a few pair of her panties in my pocket . A fair trade for me helping . Anyways as i was carring the drawer inside a pair of panties falls on the ground I bend over to pick them up but Jill sees them and beats me to them she smiles andvsays dont need you touching my panties you might sniff them we both laugh and i carry on inside to the bed room once inside she tosses the panties to me and says i know you want to sniff them so go ahead im going to watch . I bring the panties to my nose and the are so fresh smelling she then says i just finished washing them and put them in the drawer. She then says when we are done I can have the ones shes wearing if i put the others i took back i agree and she then asks if i like wearing them i told her depends on whos they aonre yours yes thats why i tried to take some .Just the Adam comes in and says we are all done and hes going a beer run .Off he goes . Jill then drops her pants removes her panties and tells me to put them on as im putting them on i get a massive b**** .Jill walks up to me bends over and gives me a bj when done i ask if i can return the favor she smiles and we here Adam getting back .Jill then asks if i want any more panties and she will bring me some.A few days later i run into Jill in a store we go to a bathroom and fsvor returned .Shhe then stripes me down we have s** and it was the best ever. Jill still brings me panties we still have s** she has 3 beautiful boys and Adam is none the wiser , i will always wonder if any are my son

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  • Maybe this is just your fantasy fetish. I don’t think that’s how it really would have happened in the real world. Pathetic story

  • I feel sorry for your friend, he is married to a miserable woman.

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