That i want my friend and the guy that shes dating, to break up.

Ever since he came into her life, she doesnt even care about me anymore. We dont spend as much time together as before. She doesnt give a f*** about my life. When we do spend time together, shes texting him. Or talking about him. When im talking she doesnt listen.

As childish as that amy have sounded, it truly hurts. I thought we were best friends.

And suddenly I realise, she was my best friend but i probably never was hers.

It disgusts me how easily she threw away her friends who have been there for her through everything.. all for a guy she met a few months ago.

In the end its each man for himself right.

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  • That's what an obsession is. She's just narrowed her focus to only see him. I hope he's a good guy.

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