Wish we could all just forget

My husband and I went to a club with my sister and one of my friends to watch a hypnotist, During his performance he brought volunteers up to the stage and my husband had volunteered, He actually didn't think he could be hypnotized, In the beginning he said if we noticed someone falling asleep in the crowd to just make sure they didn't fall out of their seat and as luck would have it my sister began to do the head bob and eventually actually fell asleep. I thought it was funny and put my hand up, He came over and talked to her and she seemed to wake up but was seemingly willing to go on stage which is not her at all, She is very shy and reserved and doesn't like the spotlight.
Anyway he began his show and being in a bar it was a little bit...Adult oriented, He had people doing stupid stuff and it was all pretty funny, I'm not a jealous person so when he had my husband doing some stuff with the one girl I thought it was pretty funny even though it went a little overboard with some simulated s** and hair pulling but still it was a bar and we are all adults, It was all pretty funny, He had the girls take off their bras and my sister is a bit large up top in comparison to me and her shirt was pretty tight so it showed a lot and I felt kind of uncomfortable thinking she would be embarrassed about it after, He had the guys put the bras on which was pretty funny but then.
He had the three girls performing lap dances for the three guys and out of all the people up there (6 people total) he picked my sister to give my husband a lap dance, My sister is considerably younger than I am and it was a bit awkward to see her dancing and teasing and my husband to be quite focused on her body, There was a little grinding and he told the girls it was hands off for the guys but the guys all still tried, If the guy tried the girls would seductively push their hands away but my husband had his hands on my sisters butt a couple times and then she was facing away from him shaking her butt at him and he slid his hand up her shirt and grabbed her b***.
My sister did not react the way she would in a normal situation but instead she put her hand on his and gave it a squeeze before pulling his hand away, The hypnotist didn't notice but because I was focused on them I did, Finally he ended that whole show and I couldn't have been happier but then they switched and the guys had to do the lap dance, I didn't think much of it because to be honest that was better for me, or so I thought, He told the girls they were super into the guys and h**** and whatever and it was actually kind of awkward watching the girls reactions, My sister kept grabbing my husbands hands and putting them on her b**** and my husband would pull them away and shake his finger at her and then he turned his back to her shaking his "Booty" at her.
It was getting totally awkward and everyone not on that stage was laughing and thinking it was funny, My husband is not built like a stripper, I like his build but he's not a muscly stripper guy, He is over 6 feet tall and I consider him well built, Tall guys are usually tall and spindly or tall and fat but he falls right in the middle which is one of the first things that attracted me to him because he looks great in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt but doesn't go to the gym and work out all the time, Just stays in shape working hard, One thing though is that he is...well lets just say he is big in one area that most people don't know about, I like tall guys and have been with...A few, Ok, High teens and all over 6 feet and he is easily the biggest, Length and girth.
Soooo....My sister is groping him and she has her hands on his hips, Running her hands up and down his chest under his shirt and it was obvious she was totally into it because she still had no bra on and also it was obvious he was into it by the bulge in the front of his pants, My husband had his hands up working his hips and my sister is standing behind him dry humping him from behind and out of the blue she shoves her hands down the front of his pants...FML...Up to this point my friend had been laughing and thinking it was all funny and whatever but I looked over at her and she had her mouth wide open and was staring at the stage, She looked at me wide eyed and I was honestly about to say something when the hypnotist noticed this and put a stop to it but not until my sister had jerked my husband off for a full 3-4 seconds on stage in front of a bar full of people.
The hypnotist said something to my sister and woke her up then my husband and gave my sister her bra back, My husband came and sat down at the table as both me and my friend stared at him, He just sat red faced as he stared at his hands, My sister came back to the table finally with her bra on and sat red faced not saying a word. We didn't stay too long before everyone was like "Well...We should head home", I didn't freak, I maintained my calm, We dropped my friend off and the three of us didn't say a word all the way home, We went to bed and I asked my husband what he remembered and he admitted that he remembered all of it, I asked what the hypnotist said to him and he said that was the only part he couldn't remember, The worst part is as we laid in bed we could hear my sister in the next room very obviously getting her rocks off, Just the end but we stared at each other as we listened to her quietly moan and we could hear her heavy breathing for a few seconds after, Good god, The next day I asked my sister and she said the same thing about remembering it all which was obvious, A few days later my sister came to me and apologized to both of us and my husband apologized to her.
I just wish it had never happened and I don't know if every time we have s** he is thinking about my sister or if she still thinks about him and it scares me to be honest, I wish the hypnotist had done whatever, wiped their memory or whatever but mostly I just wish we could all forget.


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  • I had s** with my wife's sister before I even met my future wife. When my future wife and I first met, her sister and I decided it was best to not say anything. Several years pass and we get married, get good jobs, buy a house, and have kids. Time passes and my wisdom teeth start hurting me one day. So I go to the dentist and have them removed. Little did I know that the drug he gave me for pain during the procedure was basically truth telling drugs. So as my wife is driving me home, she is evidently (I say evidently because I don't remember any of this, my wife told me afterward) she evidently is asking me all kinds of weird questions about my past and I'm answering them like a fool. She asked me about past lovers and how many I had slept with and if she had known any of them. Evidently I told her about f****** her sister before we met. When i finally came around, she asked me about sleeping with her sister. I was shocked and asked her if i had said anything under the drugs. That's when she confessed to questioning me. She was p***** that we never told her and demanded and explanation from both me and her sister. We explained that we never meant to hurt her, to which she asked if we still wanted eachother. We told her it was a long time ago, and she finally decided to let it go. In typical wife fashion though, she still brings it up as a snide little comment ever now and again.

  • I have worked in hypnosis for over 20 years and I can help with this process

  • Yeah right, Thanks but no thanks.

  • OK what are your solutions then? Just let it eat away at you! You might not believe me but you do know that people can't be made to do anything they don't want to in hypnotic state!
    Sure you don't want my help?!

  • Want to or not people can be made to do things they normally wouldn't in a hypnotic state. The problem is not whether or not my sister wants to touch my husbands p****, The problem is that normally I know she never would have and I have zero doubt about that.

  • It will never be forgotten but it will drift away to the back of your mind, It's the same as stupid s*** we do when drunk, My sister and my husband had a "moment" in a hot tub right in front of me, She was telling us about her laser hair removal and I had felt her pelvis to see how smooth it was and somehow it turned into him feeling her pelvis which I had suggested and he took it too far, He had his hand under the water and we were all laughing as he brushed his hand back and forth across feeling how smooth it was and then I don't know why she had her legs apart but he slid his hand right down and she sat straight up saying "Whoa...Hey...That's my v*****, Almost my butt hole", At the moment it was funny, the next day not so much.
    It's been two and a half years, I still think about it once in a while but we all chalked it up to drunk, Stupid s***.

  • I know what you mean, as long as it doesn't bother you anymore? Like you say it was down to being drunk

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