Husband cheating with my sister?

Furious with my husband. I came into the front room and I found my husband seated on top of my giggling sister. As I walked in you could see he was nervous like he was doing something wrong and my sister was playing the helpless victim, laughing as my husband is sitting on her, pinning her wrists to the ground. He was so busted, he turned red and said something like she started it. The problem is first he has a huge foot fetish, he always is asking me to wrestle my sister in front of him so he can video tape us for his birthday. My sister had no socks on and as he let her up he had a huge h******. I am so p*****. I haven't talked to him for days. This is cheating on me. If he wants my sister so bad and it turns him on to roll around on the ground with her he can have her.

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  • Well, if I was you, I'd start f****** other men. Plus, talk to your sister about it. It takes two and both if them crossed a line. Maybe, they've already tucked each other. If your sister respects and loves you, she wouldn't take liberties. Blood is meant to be, thinker than water. But unfortunately, it's not always the case. Talk to your husband as well.
    Still duck around though. Let loose woman, you deserve to!!

  • This is not right. I saw my husband hugging my sister in the kitchen from behind and I was p*****. I could not imagine him wrestling with her in the floor. I would be so p*****!!!

  • I wrestled for my husband once and the b**** kicked my ass. She immediately pinned my ass down and wouldn't let me up. She was all about winning. I looked at my husband and said never again a******.

  • I love my husband and his biggest fantasy was watching me wrestle for him. At first I didn't even consider it what happens if I get hurt, I get my ass kicked. He contacted a session wrestler and paid her $350 to wrestle me on the bed. He paid extra to video tape. The other women was so kind and we spent time on top of each other not actually trying to hurt each other. My husband still watches it to this day. It was fun.

  • It appears that you have an appropriate attitude regarding what you claim to have seen. Being astonished & angry are normal, genuine reactions & feelings after what you saw. What is fundamental here is your ability to display maturity now after several days. You appear to comprehend that when all is said & done, he is still a Man with need to sometimes spread his seed. Due to that biological dynamic, I'm sure you don't really believe in that label of cheating when it regards a Man. After all, nature sometimes dictates a Man's behavior. Only females have the distinct ability to purposely stray from their spouse. By you openly acknowledging with your testimony ["he can have her"] his desire & most likely imperative coupling with your sister demonstrates your advanced & again mature method of dealing with a part of nature a woman is truly helpless against. You realize that this woman is your sister & has a part of you always with her anyhow as well as knowing that this may well pass as a innocent adventure. You display how a female can posses the ability to be rational.

  • Sounds like your husband is up to no good. It it cheating? Not necessarily. Is it good behavior, no. And no adult married male should be "wrestling" with anything but his wife. Your sister is to blame for this as well. And you should be equally angry with her too. Have to be pretty certain your husband wouldn't appreciate you rolling on the floor with another man or your sister with her husband/bf. It doesn't matter if your husband has a foot fetish. If he can't control his urges, then you have bigger issues. So now you have a a decision. How can you work through this? And can you? You may want to seek counseling before completely pulling the plug on the marriage.

  • Get f_u_c_k_i_n_g lost. Nobody appointed you as a judge here doll. You don't get to decide what behavior is deemed appropriate. Individuals have individual limits. Read the comment above yours. The dame never said anything about breaking up de marriage either. You are some kind of divorce freak. Men make de rules, not you. You wait until sharia law for women is established ; you'll find out what respect is. Remember, the world is evolving.

  • I would f*** my gf sister so hard as I have. Best s** ever cuz it's always at a family diner . S*** I ducked my gf sister and niece at a christening in our bed. And made them both squirt

  • Sounds like he has a wrestling and foot fetish. How about you wrestle your sister for him. Charge him big bucks. You get paid, he loves you for live.

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