I destroyed a man's life

I am a 25 year old Office accountant... actually that's my day job at night I'm a hacker. Yeah, Yeah I know you guys probably think this is gonna be bullshit, but trust me every word typed here is exactly what happened 4 months ago. So let me begin with a little bit of background info on this guy, This guy is my co-worker and he is in a higher position in the office and he has been a real d*** to me for the past 2 years, He would force me to do other people's jobs giving me deadlines after deadlines and even persuaded my boss to reduce my salary for a little mistake I did while writing a financial record. He has pushed me to the point of considering quitting my job. So I decided to get revenge by ruining his life.

I started off by
installing a keylogger in his work pc which he uses to browse Facebook from time to time. I knew the password for his workpc because it's the same as mine ...yeah A+ for cybersecurity. Anyways I set the keylogger to send the key log information to an throwaway email I created every week, and I've been monitoring it from my homepc.

When one day I was scrolling through the keylog data I noticed something strange; I found some text, possibly messages in the lines of: "I'll meet you tonight my wife is gone to see her parents. love you babe". I got suspicious, I knew something was up.

I found out his Facebook password in the key log, it was "texasboy567". I logged into his Facebook and found out a whole bunch of messages from his secret fuckbuddy "Kelly". I decided to go public with this. I took screenshots of his facebook chats and found his wife's facebook and sent it as an message.


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  • So hot!

  • Sounds like he messed with the wrong person. Paybacks are a B****. He got a taste of his own medicine.
    I wish I could have somehow f***** my old lady b**** Supervisor over. If you didn’t kiss her ass she made it a point to make your life a living h***.
    I hope now that’s she’s retired she gets what’s coming to her. I’m sorry but she made my life and a few others life a living nightmare.

  • Excellent exciting stuff

  • Why not you just f*** with him instead

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