I've been used

Ok I admit that I have been used and I liked it. I have wanted to try s** with another man. My last girlfriend was a real b**** and she cheated on me saying that my c*** just didn't do it for her. I'm tired of women. So I have been for a while now wanting to switch to trying love with another man. I put an advert in a local paper and I got several who I've been talking with via email and also phone. So one man I really liked the things he said and his pictures. We met for dinner and then went to see Rocketman together. We sat in the back of the theater. I was so turned on and he was too. I ended up making out with him for a few brief moments during the movie. I could see his rocket was rather hard so I unfastened his trousers and took out his rock hard rocket and I kissed it , licked it, and even sucked on it bit right there. He really loved it and said he was going to take me home to his place and give me a good going on.

After the movie he drove me back to his place. I loved his house and how he had it decorated. I didn't know he shared his home with another guy. He took me to his bedroom and we soon got naked and climbed on his water bed. I finished what I started by kissing and sucking on his nice long curved hard rocket. It didn't take long before he exploded and filled my mouth full. It was a lot to handle and I so enjoyed it. I know now that I don't care to be with another woman. I would much prefer to be with the same s**. We were naked rubbing each other on his water bed when his roommate came in wearing a bathrobe. He took it off and let the robe drop to the floor. OMG! His rocket was f****** so big. It was over 8.75 inches and a whopping 6 inch girth. He climbed on the bed with us and I immediately went to work on his c***. But he flipped me over face down and pushed my head down into the sheets and grabbed my ass up into the air. OMG! Feeling his huge hard rocket sliding deep into my r***** made me cry out. Then he gave it to me so good. I was in heaven. My 5.5 inch c*** was excited but not hard. He made me shoot off into the sheets. The other man licked up my s**** and we kissed. But my second lover filled my ass full of his seed. Then the first one had his turn with my butt. I can still feel their rockets in my ass and it's been like 4 or 5 hours. I and so happy I found out I prefer other men. I am supposed to take a 3 day weekend with them. We are going to explore the Luray caverns and Harpers Ferry. We are staying at a nice bed and breakfast. I can hardly wait for the weekend.

Aug 4, 2019

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