So sick of parenting girls

Ok I'm 34 and a father of 4 girls, ages 10, 7, 5, and 2. I never wanted more than three kids, but ended up with four, and my wife and I are tapped out financially, me way emotionally, so there will be no more. It is what it is. And it sucks.

I have a hella lot of p**** and unbridled female attitude around the house with the wife and kids, and I really desperately wanted to raise a boy. You know, the type I could do manly s*** with, like coach him in American football and see him get his head kicked in and fight back like a real man. Teach him how to box and watch swimsuit competitions together. Talk about the t*** and ass that we see at the mall as father and son. Talk about d*** size. Get him racing stock cars. Y'know, guy stuff.

Instead I have a house full of female primadonnas who run around like nuts and are mentally fruit loops (including my wife), and they aren't even at the age where they've hit puberty. I think when they start going PMS with their mother that I'm going to want to die. I'm almost there now.

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  • Think of fun with your 10 yo girl - build her up gradually to get interest in s** from this age of her curiosity. Then you have the other two in the line next.

  • With four females the odds are great that at least one of them will be b**** so maybe you will get your wishes anyway

  • Sound like you want a son to be a d bag redneck. When your weak sperm cant produce male babies.

  • My ex girlfriend was one out of total 5 sisters. Imagine the pain her father had. Oh, her father and her mother are still married, 30+ years of marriage. Your situation is very difficult thing to cope with and honestly I would likely run away leaving verything behind in such situation, but it is what it is so suck it up and be happy with what you have.

  • Love to have your daughters I will treat them real good

  • It's not future PMS that you need to worry about, it's their boyfriends when they hit their teens.

  • I think you're lucky.

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