I feel like I'm on the wrong path to success

I'm currently in High School taking AP History, AP Psychology, Honors English, and I'm about to add AP English while keeping my Honors English. My current grades: seven As, 1 B.

My problem is, that I've given up everything that was important to me to accomplish this. My freshmen GPA, was a 1.1 I've neglected my friends and family to do this. I can honestly say I don't really have any "real" friends." I bury my life in school work just to give myself an excuse.

If I see my best friend in the hallway, I stick up my nose like I'm better than him and could never be happier.

With this new sense of superiority, I've also been able to come out as gay to people I know; part of the reason I did it, was out of spite to one of my friends who hates gay people, and pushed me to the breaking point by always making me feel like I was in the wrong when it was really him.

The sad truth is, I thought I was miserable before but, I've never been more miserable. School is my life; I'm always behind on work, and always just barely do what it takes to make the grade.

I want my friends back.

Jul 8, 2010

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  • ^Hey, you already confessed it, too bad, ya f*****.

  • this happened to me a bit in 10th grade. all I did was study!!! sp the next year I took a lighter load..I'm still graduating in the top 5percent of my class with an honors degree. :) but I have time for friends and i'm actually able to enjoy me classes. :)

    take a lighter load. like, honors instead of ap. :)
    most colleges don't except ap anyway...

  • ^Finally!

  • Yeah... I'm sorry.

    Look, I'm gay too. And lonely, I have lash out, its so sad when no one knows me or cares. I'm better off dead.

    E. Dondero

  • get them back.
    find a balance.
    take subjects you like, and excel in them.
    forget about all the other ones.
    drop the classes that are making you stressed and try being friendly and nice to people around you at school.

    and e.dondero, you're a spineless ignorant j***. don't talk about stuff you don't understand.

  • It's just high school. When you're out, it'll seem like absolutely nothing. Don't even worry about it. High school may seem like a big deal but it's not.

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