I love it when girls make fun of me.

Not the "angry feminist out to shred your soul" stuff, but basically just carrying levels of verbal teasing and bullying. Mostly involves a lot of laughter, and rarely gets truly rough-- but sometimes I like it if everything they say about me is the most historical thing ever to them-- but if I say a single word she's right at the edge of just f****** my world up. She just rips on me and laughs, but if I make her take me seriously, it's an annoyance: "Ugh, shut up before I slap you!" That kind of thing.



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  • I m 24 year old male and got my bare bum spanked in front of my gf!! Now she always makes fun of me

  • Go find the easily triggered PMSing teenage girl who shrieks at everyone to f****** kill themselves, you two should get along fine :D

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