70 years of family love

My name is Kelly, I'm a 70 year old woman, my parents were brother and sister. From my earliest memory I was used by them as a living s** toy.

I had my own room but slept every night in their bed, we always slept naked and one or both of them was always touching my body. And my mother made we hold and play with my fathers c*** alot. By 4 years old I learned how to j*** him off. When he got close mom would put her mouth on the head to swallow his c**. Then she had me lick the remaining c** off his d***. By the time I was 7 the taste of c** was natural to me.

That year mom taught me to give head and I swallowed Dad's c** daily. I also spent time after school eating my mom p**** until she came. When mom ate me, she often tongued my ass, for 5 minutes, I would push back as she f***** me that way. I loved the feeling.
Most nights involved us in a daisy chain oral. By that time I was having something like an o*****. Not a full blown o***** but it was intense.

On my 10th birthday they started using a small d**** on me several times a day and a month later a bigger one. By the summer I could take one as big as Dad's p****. Then Mom told me tonight I was going to be a woman and have s** with Dad. I did not hurt but felt good as they had been getting me ready for months.
Dad came in me that night. Mom when down on me as soons as he pulled out and lick him c** from my p****.

By September, I had a real o***** from s** with Dad. Our 3somes became longer each night and ended with Dad f****** me and mom eating his c** from my p****.

At 14, Dad impregnated me, and I gave birth to twins a boy Tom and a girl Lilly a week before my 15th birthday.

They used me the whole time, mostly for oral s** at the end of the pregnancy.

Over the years as I got older i continued to be there s** toy.

I was 30 when they both died in an accident. I was lost, emotionally and sexually. I hate myself for it but I turned to my children. They were 15 and I seduced them both, trying to recreate what I lost. Which I did.

They gave in without a fight and we became lovers. I was 33 and Tom was 18 when he made me pregnant, a month later Lilly was also pregnant by her brother.

47 years have passed, and we are still all lovers. Lilly and Tom have 4 children and live as a married couple. All 4 kids are Ivy League grads and have great careers and are all very happy.

I still miss my parents and the wonderful s** and life we had. But Tom and Lilly fill the void and satisfy me completely.

Their children know the family secret, two live as a couple, and the others have relationship outside the family, but still partake in group love making.


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  • If this BS is true then half of you should cretins lol

  • Nice story but it smells like a made-up BS. So much inbreeding would almost certainly create children with severe mental and physical issues. I'm not against family s**, it certainly seems much better than anything else, but having children together should be a bih no-no.

  • Wow if this is real. Family and the secrets they sometimes hold from the outside world. I can't say this is right, but the way you wrote it, seems right, right to live and love has you choose, the way and with whom!

  • Complete BS

  • What wonderful family deep in consensual s** - ranging from pedophiles to multiple s** partners of various ages. I love the story of progressing from childhood s** to mature ones - sucking, f****** etc etc.Are you still on it??

  • Yes

  • Never mind jacking him at 4 by that age you would have been sucking me if I was daddy, start them in nappys I say, play with that little slit while she sucks it

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