I got beaten up in front of my daughter-in-law

My ex husband ( my son`s father) and his current wife were attending my son`s birthday party as well as I did. There weren`t many guests, only close family and friends... Everyone left, my son was tired and went to sleep. Me, my daughter in law, my ex husband and his wife were in the room. So I decided to go too, as I didn`t feel pleasant. I went outside waiting for a taxi. Suddenly, someone grabbed me by the hair and pulled me down on the ground. I was confused and astonished. I fell on my back and had a clear view of my ex husband`s wife above me. Before I could say anything , she sat on me, caught my arms under her knees and she started slapping my face... I was helpless and terrified. I asked for a help but she smothered my mouth with her hand and she kept slapping me. I tried to release myself, but I couldn`t... She was obviously stronger and drunk too... Before she let me go, she told me to stay away from HER family. I was literally crying. She got off of me, and before she entered the house, she stomped my face with her heel and spat on me. I felt miserable, especially when I noticed that my daughter-in-law saw everything , while standing on the window, and she didn`t do anything to stop that.

Aug 15, 2019

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  • I feel so sorry for you.

  • Maybe she set you up

  • LOL... That's really embarassing...

  • There's an beat down marked on her calendar that you need to make happen.

  • So f***** up. Dump them all

  • Did you tell your son about this??

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