Army MIL

Ok, So my wife's mom is not in the army, Not even close but...I did find out yesterday that she goes commando.
My wife's mom is a pretty woman, 51 Y/O and we were all out shopping the other day, Her mom was wearing a dress, Not super short but above the knee, Frilly and cute, Not a large breasted woman but has some b**** and I know she often goes braless if her outfit warrants it however I was unaware that she also goes pantiless.
We were getting some stuff for a family gathering and I had gone to the store with them to help carry the heavy stuff, My wife was getting something out of the shopping cart and I was on the opposite side, Her mom stepped on the hitch, Knelt in the back of the SUV and folded the rear seats flat, as she did she slipped forward and bent over and "Whoop" up goes her dress, I look over, My wife looks over and it was all out there.
My wife's p**** caught my attention right from day one, Perfect little innie p****, Pink puffy outer lips and she always kept it bald, Apparently it runs in the family because her mom has a perfect innie as well, No inner lips showing, Pink and puffy lips, Partially shaved (More trimmed) and her bum hole was showing, Pink, Nice looking but couldn't tell if she had any hair on it, She is blonde so it wouldn't show much anyway.
My wife's mom squealed, My wife squealed and her mom reached back to cover herself realizing she was putting on a show, I didn't mean to but kind of giggled and my wife put her hand over her face shaking her head, her mom got back sitting on the floor in the back of her SUV and looked back and forth between me and my wife, Her mom said "Ahem....That DID not happen" and we all laughed. My wife of course brought it up later that night in bed and we were talking as she said "Sooo...Uh...That was a weird shopping trip", i laughed and said "Haha, yeah", She said "Ok, Say whatever you need to say and get it over with", I said "What do you mean", She said "Please...You seen Jenna's b**** one time like 4 years ago and haven't stopped talking about it since", I said "Yeah...That's your little sister flashing her fake b****, This is...Haha" and she said "Ok, One chance...Nothing to say??", I looked at her and said "Well...You guys are like twins down there" and she just shook her head then squinted her eyes and looked at me and said "Sooo...My mom...Your mother in law...Has...The most beautiful v***** ever??", I said "What?" and she said "That's what you keep saying about mine", and I shrugged and said "Well, Apparently it runs in the family".
She laughed and shook her head then rolled over and went to sleep.

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  • Commando trained women are great in s**, specially if in their middle age. Their body is tight with some muscles, firm b**** and p****. They can be dominating and f*** you at her will - you have to be just submissive and yield to her every whims. On the other hand, they can endure hard massaging of b**** and p**** leading to deep thrusts of f**** raising their legs high ups or from behind. Great f**** indeed!!

  • Apparently you didn't even read it or are stupid, She is not military.

  • Missed opportunity to go down on your wife & assure her your attracted to her v***** more.... If you are?!

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