Caught her

Awhile ago the wife was helping out a friend who wanted to sell his house. She would go over there on the weekends to show the house to buyers sometimes our friend would show up to see how things were going. My wife started to have an emotional affair with this creep and more, and me being a stupid husband suspected nothing. One day I was walking the dog around the block when I saw my wife's car in the driveway. There wasn't anything wrong with that , it was sat. and she was showing the house, or so I thought. I walked the dog into the back yard to look over the property when I noticed a large basement window that gave me a good view of the finished basement . There was a bed in there and there was my wife in bed with the friend who needed help. I thought, look at that rat getting all the help he needed from my wife. There was my wife willing to help in any way she could. I was beside myself with hate. They were smart and locked the doors so I called her cell and watched as she proceeded to tell me everything was ok but boring. She never skipped a beat and continued to f*** her lover. I watched as they finished f****** and got dressed . I was just 2 steps ahead of her as she walked in our door. I confronted her and nearly ended our suck ass marriage. I told her I saw everything and I watched her answer her phone .She was speechless to say the least. as you can imagine I no longer trust my loving and giving wife. We haven't had s** for several months . Why try to pleasure a person who hurt you badly? I have no interest in having s** with my wife at all. Now I watch her like a hawk , she says I'm being unfair, she can go to h***.


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  • Have you considered an open marriage? Yeah she betrayed you and that's not cool. But what about if you both allowed each other to bang other people? It doesn't have to end your marriage.

  • Even an open marriage requires some trust, I have none.

  • Make her do rough a*** and oral. Treat her like crap when you do it. And talk to her and what a cheater she is while you do it making her feel guilty till she cries. But dont stop until you finish yourself off.

  • Get even make her bring her girlfriends to you. And keep them both.

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