I think I would be better off if I had a baby. As it stands now I make minimum wage and am ineligible for gov. assistance. Including scholarships because I need to be 24 to be considered independent (im almost 21). If I had a baby I could get free medical care, food stamps, and money to survive all handed to everyone I know would help out so I wouldn't be stressed. And I could go back to school bc with a baby id be considered independent, so I could get financial aid, plus extra bc of the baby. Downsides to this plan are talking my bf into it, and that thing were I think im sterile.

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  • And "Nobody puts baby in the corner" for the win. Completely innocuous in terms of the confession, but bonus points for referencing a gelled-hair, tight-shirt-wearing, pre-cancerous Patrick Swayze.

    if it was legal to drown stupid people like you in a bucket.

    Im smart enough to not attempt "the bucket plan".

    You should TRY to be smart enough to not leave a f***** up adult from your lack of intelligence, morals, common sense, notable income and parental skills.

    Im assuming you know exactly what having parents like that is like.

  • Having a child pretty much means putting your life's aspirations on hold for 6 years or more. It just isn't fair to the child so you can get handouts. Its like trapping someone into marriage just for the sake of making them yours when they are not really committed.

  • For the love of all that is holy do NOT have a baby... you're just a child yourself. You want to be able to afford school? Get a real job, it's not that difficult. And by the way, scholarships are NOT dependent on you being independent from your parents. They're based on academic performance, so if you're not getting any scholarships, your grades aren't good enough. Those of us who actually have the tenacity to do our work, do it well, and show up to class to get those good grades deserve the scholarships. Not idiots like you. But keep it up, you're only ensuring us that we won't have much competition for those scholarships in the years to come.

  • I would say do what you want but that would be child abuse. The child would be better off if he was born in Africa with now food, water, or medicine.


  • I think maybe you are not yet ready for motherhood.

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