My Wife & My Friend

I can't stop thinking about an old friend with my wife and it still drives me crazy.
We've been married now for 25 years I know she's been faithful during that time.
Just before we got hitched we split for a short time four or five weeks as a lot of young couples do. When we got back together she asked if I'd slept with anyone I told her no but I did kiss a couple of girls I reciprocated the same question she replied "I had a kiss & a cuddle with one or two guys, fair enough I thought we we apart after all.
About ten years ago I bumped into an old pal we talked over old times I remember him charming my wife whenever we saw him
In a bar or nightclub all those years ago. While we talked he asked me "did you marry that blonde girl I always saw you with?" I told him yes and I'm very happy to be with her, just as he was leaving he said "she made me happy once" before I could quiz him he was gone.
Well my mind was racing I got home and gave her the 3rd degree what she told me that night I felt intense jealousy but got incredibly turned on.
During our time apart he saw her with friends at a house party he moved in on her making sympathetic noises about what a lovely couple we were and how he hoped we'd get back together she'd had a few drinks before she knew it he had his tongue inside her mouth groping her b*** and undoing the top button of her blouse. He persuaded her to go into an empty bedroom with him where he undid her blouse kissed and sucked her bare b****** and fingered her p****, he moved her hand onto his exposed c***.
My ears were ringing as she told me all this admitting that she was really turned on and he would have gone all the way had she not been so worried about someone walking in on them.
I know we were apart and it happened a long time ago but I jut cannot stop thinking about it. A mixture of revulsion and really being turned on that she was so easy that night.

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  • I am sure you j******* at this story and the thought of her being taken again. Have you explored the thought of watching her being taken right in front of you? I know the thought had to have crossed your mind. Enjoy

  • You’re reading my mind! Thanks for the comment.

  • I would ask her if it bother her if just had one time f*** so U could see how it felt . Would she be upset with U ( because it wouldn’t really mean anything right). 💋💋

  • I see your point, think I may have said something like that to tease her but she always replays "we weren't together when it happened"

  • I hope those that comment enjoyed my story written from the heart and completely true.
    I really appreciate the comments that everyone leaves, especially those that are married or can relate to my story.

  • I can totally relate to your feelings of l*** and also the feeling of being kicked in the gut. It is an emotional roller coaster of feelings. I took it farther and shared my wife 5 different times. A pregnancy scare ended us 'sharing' but OMG....the erotic sensations I experienced. The pain and the pleasure.

  • That’s exactly what it is. It happened years ago but whenever I finger my wife now I always think of him doing it to her and she’s really enjoying it.
    Pleasure & pain!

  • I guess it's revenge s** you are looking for. I was in the same situation as you, I felt bad about the wife having s** with others. So I had s** with a married woman who also had the same problem. I had to admit it was exciting and fun but in the end it wasn't enough, I wanted more. That's the problem with extramarital s**, its addictive, once that door is open and you go through, there is no going back.

  • Yeah I hear you.
    My wife’s argument is that we were apart when this happened.

  • Her argument doesn't hold water because it still hurts. In the end you are going to have to decide what to do. I would play my cards close to the vest, keep quit about what you are thinking or planning.

  • It’s true that I can’t stop thinking about it. One because I knew the guy well two it was so out of character for her.
    Or am I kidding myself she’s not an easy lay?

  • Thanks for the post. Did any other guys f*** her while we were apart?

  • If she admitted to one, she’s guilty of 10.
    A woman on the rebound goes crazy for di ck and will do anything that di ck wants her to.
    Women have multiple personalities when it comes to s**. They’ll be prim and proper with the man they want for a mate but they are whores for the guy that just wants to ba ng them. And they born professional liars.

  • You can forget about it or you can get even, the ball is in your court.

  • Thanks for the comment, don’t think I can forget about it.
    Knowing the guy pretty well makes that so difficult.

  • Make her have se x with a guy you choose. She chose your friend so now it’s your turn to pick. If she could do it without you, she can do it for you.
    If she resists, tell her all she has to do is lie there. You just want to experience the sight of her having s** with another guy. She can smear some lube on and she doesn’t have to move. Tell her the guy will get off in a few strokes and it’ll be all over. Get a guy with an impressive crank and see how long it takes her to get in motion. Tell him to f uck the he ll out of her.

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