A trip to the woodshed for being sexist

Hi it's Billy, I posted on here about being spanked in front of my gf at 24. I still live at my moms and I get disciplined by my mom

Well it's even worse as it's happened again. We were at my house and I joking told her to "get your f**** in the kitchen and bring me a beer" and slapped her butt !! She was so mad she shouted at me for being sexist and then told my mom.
Mom wasted no time taking me by the ear and marching me down to the barn!!
I knew what was coming and sure enough I found my self bare bottomed bent over and getting a dose of the switch that my gf was kind enough to cut for me !! I will never be sexist again !!



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  • Hope it stung

  • You just sound like you’re a dumbass. Get help.

  • A dumbass? On THIS site? Surely you jest!!

  • Serves you right

  • Dreamer

  • Pathetic tbh

  • I agree why a guy would treat his girl like that is beyond me. Your mom did right

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