Tucker Carlsin

I want to be locked in chastity and held on a leash by my wife while she serves Tuckers big whit c*ck. i want to be on his show trying to defend BLM and get owned and get put in my place and forced to admit blue lives matter then after the show i'd appologize. the appology would start with a handshake but Mr Carlsin would point to the floor and give me that look he gives brown boys that get mouthy. id sink to the floor and begin doign what comes natural. after his loafers are polished with my saliva he'd collar me and id crawl out of Fox Studios on all fours. then in his limo id be forced to srtip and polish his bare white feet. Hanitee taps on the window they roll it down and he says what do we have here, i feel twot aps on my head so i stop sloberring the Superiors White toes. Mr Hantitee turns my face to him and looks suspiciously, then scowls then starts chuckling and grins at Mr Carlsin and shakign his head a bit "another one." Tucker laughs "affirmitive" Hanitee then begins taking his shoes and socks off. i look at Massa Carlsin who nods for me to do what comes natural. i begin feverishly coating Massa Hanitee's Veiny pale WHite Feet and apologizing for my behavior. he doesnt acknowledge me he and Mr Tucker jsut start talking about the camera girls and staff that they want to smash.. eventually we pull up to a huge mansion where a bunch of getout movie sunken place ni99ers are serving, and my wife is in there being trained by a mammy. When mammy sees my new Massas she get on her knees and motions my wife to take position. HTe White Bosses walk aroudn her and being fondling and examining. then you can imagine the rest. in the end i am lopped off between the legs and made into a sissyslut down there. i have to serve as a cheif of police by day and i come ont eh show all thew time thanking the Fox News hosts for chanign my mind for the better. But at night i am a novelty at the conservative after party conventions. and available for rentals for White Convservative celebs.

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  • They are nice to nogs, but I they're definitely not miscegenating f***. This isn't even fantasy, it's just insanity coming from a total r*****.

  • Sorry for being a retarded nog Sir. i apologize for disrespecting the integrity and sexuality of the Superiors

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