Lost my virginity to a lot older woman

I had a first proper kiss and first s** when I was 23 with a 58-year old woman living in my neighborhood. Her husband passed away few years earlier and she was living alone. She often wears pantyhose and sometimes stockings, so I masturbated on her like crazy much before we had our first s**. I've always had a thing for older women wearing pantyhose or stockings. I don't know why but I have insatiable l*** for them, much more than for any girl or woman in her 20's or 30's.

To be honest, I never kissed and never had s** with girls or women my age or younger and I'm proud of that because my sexual experiences so far were beyond amazing. The youngest woman I kissed and had s** with was 48, the oldest 73, while most of them were between 60-65 years old. I'm 32 right now, very attractive, smart, successfull in business and still have no interest in younger women or women my age.


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