Scolded by my mom

This is a true story and not even a single detail was made up. I have a fetish on pantyhose, especially shiny ones and open-toe high heels. This fetish was accidentally provoked by no one else but my mom. I was about 12 years old when I saw my mom putting on her pantyhose and high heels before going to work. Her bedroom doors weren't completely closed, so I stayed and watched. I immediately felt strong excitement and tingling sensation in my stomach. I also felt shame, but couldn't resist it and had to m********* to what I just saw. My mom loved wearing pantyhose and heels, even trough her 40's and 50's. Everyone thought that she was 10 years younger. Ever since the age of 15, I was often smelling and licking my mom's dirty pantyhose and c****** all over her pantyhose and heels. I was careful enough hiding the traces for about 12 years. To be honest, I dream about having have a s** with my mom so bad, much more than with any other girl on the planet. She divorced my father when I was 10 years old and remained single ever since.
Later on, I had a girlfriend, but the epitome of my sexual desires was still my mom. I was so afraid to ask my mom for s**, because I suspected that she would freak out, since s** was a big taboo for her. Her looks and style were giving a completely false impression because she looked like a perfect MILF, a hottie. Important thing is that she only looked that way, but was sexually constrained. So, I continued doing the next best thing - smelling, licking and masturbating all over her pantyhose and heels. One day she caught me. She found her spermed pantyhose and spermed heels that I was about to wash later on and return them where they belonged, so that she wouldn't figure it out. She was furious and scolded me. At first she thought that I was gay. That was completely false, since I'm 100% heterosexual. As I said, she was smart, very beautiful woman who dressed sexy (never cheap or vulgar), but she was also full of boundaries and s** or even talking about it was a huge taboo for her. I was 27 years old when she caught me (she was 55) any I felt embarrassed beyond belief. Four years have passed since the incident and she still keeps her pantyhose hidden and her sexy heels under a lock. I still want to have s** with her more than anything, but highly likely will never get it.

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  • My mom didn't scold me, it was more making me feel guilty. She always wore little clothing around the house, giving me plenty of views of her great body, but always aware that I didn't glance for more than normal amount of time. I still had many glances at her b******, her ass, and occasionally some pubic hair. Then one day she was changing the bed in her bra and panties and something snapped. I dropped my boxers, lubed my erection and came up behind her. As she bent over the bed, I pulled her panties down stepping on one side, and pushed her legs apart with my other leg. I aimed at her opening and easily penetrated her completely. She was angry, but I told her she had this coming. I unhooked her bra and went to town on her. She ended up coming twice before I did inside her.

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