Why I Love Escorts

A 44 year marriage, 5 grown kids and good career changed when my wife lost interest in s** and treated it like a duty. She used to please me in pantyhose with the crotch cut out and wore attractive dresses that displayed her nylon covered legs. Life and relationship were fun and family was our common cause. For the last 15 years she has lost interest, dresses in very boring clothes, and has little, really no, interest in s**. Civility and respect are still there but she refuses any hormone therapy, counseling, etc. She sleeps a lot and turned off the s** appeal. I've offered any intervention but to no avail. I will never divorce her.

With no guilt I have had s** with many escorts over the last decade. Always out of town (I do lots of training and seminars), and always safe s**. I am open to solutions but celibacy is not one of them. I have great respect for those in s** work and treat them accordingly (Many of them thank me for being a kind gentleman!) . Oh yes, they are more than happy to wear shiny tan pantyhose with the crotch panel cut out! I will always take good care of my wife, but I didn't sign on to be a celibate monk!

Nov 23, 2019

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  • I feel for you man. My now ex wife went cold 10 years ago. She'd still let me have s** with her but it was just that. She lay there dead fish style and let me f*** her. She'd open her mouth and let me tongue kiss her. I could open her blouse and suck on her b******. At all other times she was busy with all her community good works. Never any time to sit together and have a wine or chit chat.

  • That's not the answer for him. What makes you think his wife even knows about his times with escorts.

    I would suggest he talks with someone in his family he gets along with, like his sister-in-law for example and get their jolly heads together. He loves this woman, his wife.

    I could never close my legs to my partner, not until I'm old and incapable of making love to him. I had twin daughters to him almost 15 months ago and I was busting for the 6 weeks to elapse before I could pleasure him again.


  • I admire the slutiness of your wife but regret the sexless life at this age. The latter may be due to your sexual adventure with escorts she might be knowing of. Talk to her about whether inclusion of a third person into you sexuality will satisfy her - initially a 3-some and then widen your acts...

  • Why do you think a women with no interest in s** would ever be open to a 3some?

  • Once she explores and experiences 3-some, their s** life will be better for sure. She needs novelty in s**!!

  • I think escorts should be able to offer their services freely and openly, My experiences have been wonderful. A good and understanding relationship with an escort could actually save a marriage by soothing the man's frustration and taking the pressure off the wife. They practice safe s** and have heard every marriage problem in the world. They are more direct and less expensive than any therapy. I'd rather see an escort once a month than a therapist! Take care of business and keep being a good husband friend. You are not alone.

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