I'm wearing pantyhose

I'm wearing women's clothing and I'm wearing pantyhose going to tell my mom in the morning I am wearing pantyhose I'm finally going to do it

Mar 13, 2021

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  • You sound like a 6 year old boy trying to discover who he really is? Have you tried on your sisters Barbie panties yet? Maybe that'll be the next thing to do.

  • Tell her your a 2 Spirit Person.
    In American Indian culture you could be a Chief or a Medicine Man or other high ranking individual.
    In Polynesian culture you would be accepted for how you are.
    It is western culture that wants you to think that your wrong or perverted and you are not that at all.
    You have the ability to relate to both sexes, so what is wrong about that?
    My wife likes it and we share much more than a normal married couple and it shows. I had a young woman walk up to my wife and tell her that she wants her new boyfriend friend to be just like me.
    Wow what a great complement to receive just for being yourself with your wife at the store.
    A 2 Spirit Person is really a plus and not a minus, when we go shopping it is like I'm her best female friend and we are just out having fun .
    One time we laughed so hard at a resale shop the woman stayed till we came out just to see us. My wife was trying on a top that had 2 sides to it.
    Just look it up and you will see that your not alone and there are many different types of us out there crossdresserso. Some like men, I'm into women only but some like both.
    A crossdresser can be very different from the other crossdresser that you might meet on line per say.
    Women seam to like them and talk to us at stores.
    Just be the best person you can be and enjoy life..
    Men seam to be hostile to us and would rather hit you because they can not relate to you, but women can relate to you. You both share the same interests in clothes or jewelry or what ever.
    If you suppress the girl in you, you could get depressed and not understand why. When you let her out and you will, you will feel better and compleat then.
    It is hard to explain but it feels wonderful and I love it alot and I feel complete inside and out.
    Enjoy your life!!!

  • You might want to tell her that there are many that do this, dress into soft and silky clothes.
    You are a " Two Spirit Person ".
    That means that you can relate to both sexes and that is not bad.
    But that means that you want to dre

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