I needed to post it somewhere...

I just can’t do it anymore.
I lost my step dad.
I lost my sister.
I lost my best friend.
I basically lost my life.

It’s been nearly a year, and I’ve been doing so well with that fake smile of mine, but you can only go along for so long before everything hits you all in one go. I can’t live like this. I have no trust in anyone any more. I can’t open up because I’m too afraid of rejection. This isn't a life that's worth living.

"Don’t feel bad for me. I want you to know, deep in the cell of my heart – I will be glad to go."

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  • Dont say this. Grief is very very difficult but one day you'll find someone that can make it all better. Don't give up, that is the worst thing you can do, just think about all the upset your family is going through, giving up will make everything easy for you but harder for them. Never give up on what possibilities could come along, no one knows what the future holds x Just keep smiling :D x

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