I think somethings happening with my mom and boyfriend

I’m going to start this off with I hate my mother ive never had a relationship with her. She used to be naked in front of me all the time growing up and it’s mentally scarred me it mostly stopped a good few years ago but I still have nightmares of it all the time. I’m 20 and my boyfriend has been living with us for a year. I’m moving out soon because I can’t take being here anymore and I had always wanted to but I have a younger sister I was staying for I just can’t take it anymore though. Being here makes me suicidal. I went to go to the bathroom the other day and she was getting ready for work ass naked in the living room knowing we were both here I messaged her about it and she couldn’t give half a s*** saying she could do what she wants in her own home. This isn’t the first time I’ve had to tell her to put on clothes while he was here and when I’m gone she’ll ask me when I’m going to be back without giving me any reason I’ve found condoms and panties in my room I don’t think are mine. I don’t know if somethings happening or I’m just being paranoid but I can’t take not knowing anymore. What do yous think is happening

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  • Ask him "what is it like to f*** my mom?" while he is f****** you.
    if he stay's hard and keeps f******, do your part and enjoy the f***.
    hearing the story while you are being f*****, if you can stay h****, might get you over your jealousy.
    After all, you can keep this boyfriend as long as he pleases you, even if you are sharing him with you mom, then find another.

  • I can find out, if you are willing?

  • Ok believe me she’s F****** him ......

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