I am useless and worthless

I am useless and worthless, it’s not that I just feel the way I actually am. Growing up I was always excluded from other kids, didn’t do so well in school especially as I got older I’ve never had a friend group that actually fully included me. I have no marketable job skills I try to be a teacher 15 years ago I wouldn’t get a contract because I wasn’t any good at it so I became an aid in a classroom. My husband prefers to look at p*** instead of have s** with me, he’s better friends with another woman over me, my children don’t listen to me, my parents and siblings put all the other people in the family above me. I stayed home with my kids after I had the second, but that put us in dire financial straits. I’ve gone back to work as an eight again but can’t even get a contract as an aid now try to be a teacher to was told I wasn’t good enough. I can’t get organized my house is a mess and I really don’t have any friends.

Apr 15

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  • Join the military and become a sniper, afterwards you can transfer to military intelligence where they can use your skills as a mercenary. I believe this will build up your self esteem. They can use your skills here in the US taking out high value targets on the left.

  • Jackie has a disability and you are actually talking and saying things to someone who is on a 12 year old thinking process. Is that right jack!

  • F*** off Jackie , we all know its you.spouting utter tripe once again.
    Own up. Your name is Jack , NOT Jackie, and you are a pathetic s*** s****** craving attention because you are bored .
    Well.we're all bored now so f*** off and kill yourself.

  • There are men and women who would pay you to abuse you

  • No one cares for me either.

  • Jackie leave this place

  • Jackie u r so predictable 😆

  • There’s help for you, if that help is not available for you, than it’s time for you to go off to a mental hospital and just go into therapy. There’s drugs out there for you to feel normal again, go to the Police, tell them your state of mind and check yourself into a Mental hospital before it’s too late for you to return to a normal life. Do it now, don’t wait too long and doom yourself into obscurity. Help is available if you ask for it.

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