I am useless and worthless

I am useless and worthless, it’s not that I just feel the way I actually am. Growing up I was always excluded from other kids, didn’t do so well in school especially as I got older I’ve never had a friend group that actually fully included me. I have no marketable job skills I try to be a teacher 15 years ago I wouldn’t get a contract because I wasn’t any good at it so I became an aid in a classroom. My husband prefers to look at ** instead of have ** with me, he’s better friends with another woman over me, my children don’t listen to me, my parents and siblings put all the other people in the family above me. I stayed home with my kids after I had the second, but that put us in dire financial straits. I’ve gone back to work as an eight again but can’t even get a contract as an aid now try to be a teacher to was told I wasn’t good enough. I can’t get organized my house is a mess and I really don’t have any friends.

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  • Join the military and become a sniper, afterwards you can transfer to military intelligence where they can use your skills as a mercenary. I believe this will build up your self esteem. They can use your skills here in the US taking out high value targets on the left.

  • ** off Jackie , we all know its you.spouting utter tripe once again.
    Own up. Your name is Jack , NOT Jackie, and you are a pathetic ** ** craving attention because you are bored .
    Well.we're all bored now so ** off and kill yourself.

  • There are men and women who would pay you to abuse you

  • No one cares for me either.

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