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I split with my husband 4 months ago and moved back in with my parents at the age of 23 :( , It all started out ok but after I got pregnant he lost all interest in me and just after I had MY son I caught him in bed with a "friend" of mine.
I moved out instantly and went to my parents place, I talked with my mom about it a few times and decided to try and fix things, The first time I went there to talk to him I walked right in on them on the couch, Her on her back, Legs in the air and him b**** deep in her, I don't even know if they realized I was there until I walked right past them and they both jumped up, All I said was "Oh, Please, Don't stop f****** on my account, I just came to get some stuff" and that's what I did then left.
I went back a second time and oh surprise surprise I walked in on her on her knees sucking his d***, Awsome...Well that was when I decided maybe reconciliation was a lost cause since no matter how many time he texted and told me he wasn't f****** her anymore he obviously still is. I have a few things working in my favor since having my son, I have actually lost weight, Not one stretch mark anywhere, and my b**** have exploded onto the scene, Like I used to be a 36c, Now easily a DD, Easily with boobage spilling out everywhere so......What do I do, Flaunt it. I put on my shortest shorts, My shortest belly shirt which is even shorter being it is trying to cover my giant b**** now which also makes it super tight, Being it was already sort of see through it is even more so now, I put on a sheer bra underneath and go to get some more of my stuff, Honestly the outfit I had on was considerably more revealing than I would have normally went out in but I was trying to make a statement.
I walk in and they are sitting on the couch watching tv, Both of them sit up and he is very obviously staring, She gets nervous and tried to talk to me but I just gave her the hand and headed to the bedroom, The sheets were all messed up and they were not even remotely trying to hide what had been going on that morning, I grabbed some stuff and he tried to stop me to talk to me, He made a comment about my b**** and grabbed one, I slapped him away and I made sure she could hear me and then I said "You can go play with Meghans flat little t*** all you want but these will never be yours again.
As I walked through the living room she tried to stop and talk to me so I stopped just long enough to give her a little look and she actually went to say something and her eyes locked right onto my b**** and she stopped in the middle of what she was saying, I said "He is all yours, Enjoy" and walked out, On my way home mom sent me a pic of her and dad walking at the mall with my son in the stroller, I got home and asked when she would be home so I could feed him because my b**** were about to explode, She said they were going to go for lunch and then to my aunties but would bring him home instead if I wanted but I knew she wanted to show him off and had bottles with her so I told her I would pump.
I got all set up in the living room, Reclined back, watching my favorite show and had put on my normal nursing bra, I had my pump going, Both b**** out double pumping and all of a sudden my brothers friend walked into the living room, I still had my short shorts on and in my nursing bra with both flaps open and my pump sucking both of my nipples at the same time I can only imagine what was going through his mind. He stopped and stared right at my b****, I am pale skinned which makes my b**** veiny since they show through my skin which is pretty much stretched to its limit right now. I had one of my sons little blankies on the couch beside me so I covered my milking operation and he swallowed hard and I said "Shane...What are you doing here?", He said "I...I...Uh..." then he scrunched up his face and said :I stayed her last night", I asked where my brother was and he said he left early and went to take his girlfriend to her parents place, She lives an hour away and doesn't drive so he takes her everywhere.
I looked at Shane and he had a big b**** in his shorts as he stood there being all awkward and not leaving, I said "Shane...", He said "What?" and I said "You have a b****", He looked down and apologized then said "What are you doing?", I said "You have never seen a girl pump before?", He said "No" so I said "I'm pumping milk for ****" and he got a bit of a confused look on his face. I have known Shane since the day he was born, Literally mom has pictures of me at 5 holding him in the hospital and I got a dirty idea, I pulled the little blankie off and looked at him, I said "Come sit" and tapped the couch beside me, He sat and swallowed hard, He was staring at my nipples stretching and squirting out milk, His eyes were wide and I took his hand, Put it on my b*** and said "Feel how hard they are?", He nodded and squeezed, I said "Ohhh, Don't squeeze", He asked if it hurt and I told him it did, He sat with his hand on my b*** just staring at my nipples.
I just reached over and slid my hand in his shorts, Grabbed his d*** and he sat straight up, gasped and gulped. to be honest I was a bit surprised that he is actually packing, Not huge but impressive, He is cut and thick with above average length which is considerably different than I am used to, My EX!!! is long and skinny with a big ant eater foreskin. I started massaging Shane's d*** inside his pants and he sat back looking down at his shorts wiggling with my hand in them, He leaned back and moaned my name, grunted and shot his load, I looked at him and said "Really?", He was gasping for breath and I could feel his d*** pulsing as he came more.
I pulled my hand out and it was covered with sperm, I said "Uh, I need a hand towel", He stood up still twitching as he walked to the bathroom and came back with a towel, His face was beet red and I cleaned my hand, Got up, put my stuff away and he followed me around the whole time apologizing, After I put my (Bag O' milk) in the freezer I looked at him and took him by the hand, I led him to the bedroom and whipped his shorts down, I tossed him the towel and he wiped off, I worked my shorts down my hips, Kicked off my thong and ripped off my bra, I got on the bed and said "If you get your d*** hard again you can f*** me".
He got on top of me and I said "No, get it hard", He said "I will", I pushed him back and said "No...You show me how hard you can get it and I will decide if you can f*** me or not", I laid there rubbing myself as he watched and within probably a minute he was hard, I sat up, Grabbed it and started sucking him, He tensed up his hips and I pulled back and said "Don't you come", He said "Can I come in your mouth" and I said "Maybe but not until later", He was tensing up and said "I'm gonna come", I panicked and wrapped my lips around his tip, He started coming and I started swallowing, When he was done I punched his leg and said "Shane...WTF...".
He needed to sit down and so I pushed him back on the bed, I got on top of him and started being all seductive sitting up as i rubbed my p**** back and forth on his limp d***, He was staring at my b**** and I could feel he was starting to get hard again, I smiled and said "Can you do three?" He nodded and I nodded in approval, I leaned over and brushed my nipple across his mouth and he started sucking it, At first I was weirded out but he really seemed to be enjoying it so I let him, He was hard again in minutes and I reached between my legs and slid down on him.
GIRTH is my new thing, Oh my goodness it was amazing, It was all kind of a blur but I had an earth shattering O and he pulled out, Dove in and started licking me, He went for the back door and I lifted my legs, I made him my slave when I let him toss my salad and he was more than happy to do it. I almost came again like that but I pushed him back and told him to f*** me, He pounded me hard and got me off again then pulled out and made a huge mess as he tried to come on my t*** and I tried to get him in my mouth because those are for feeding my son now and that would be gross.
So yeah, We are in bed rolling around and groping each other, He is sucking my nipples and rubbing my bum hole, I get on my hands and knees and he tossed my salad again then tried to shove his half hard d*** in it, I jumped up and said "Whoa, No, You can't f*** my ass, Just lick it", He did and I rubbed and had a huge third O then we both collapsed on the bed, i cleaned up and was going to bolt for the shower and FRICK!!!!! My mom is sitting at the table. I freeze, Shane stepped up beside me and froze, My mom looked down and his half hard c*** and couched saying "Good god Shane" and holding her hand up then looked at him and put her hand down, She said "Shane...Time to go home".
We got dressed and Shane left then I went to the kitchen, I asked where dad and my son were and she told me dad took him for a walk because they could hear everything. With the mix or being post coital and the hormones raging in my body I was a mess and started crying, Mom got me calmed down and started having a great talk (sarcasm) about pregnancy hormones and taking advantage of my brothers friend and everything then she asked how "That" happened, I explained and she said "Ok, Uh, Ok, So...Um I get it, He is obviously...Uh...Huge", I said "MOM" and she said "Oh please, it was half way to his knees soft", I shook my head and she said "Ok, I get it but...I think it's a bad idea to do...That...Again", I agreed and we stopped the conversation there.
Shane has been (Secretly) pounding me for 3 months at least twice a week. ;)

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